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Boomarang Bistro and Bar @ The Quayside

I've read and heard so much about Boomerang having the best sticky date pud...I knew I had to go (after the fiasco with House of Robert Timms..seeking an alternative was the bestest solution). So yes, headed there for dinner on the pretext of dessert - golly, the excuses I come up with to check out new places. 

Packed to bits on a Friday night with mostly expatriates and tourists - methinks Gallery Hotel has contributed a fair bit to the clientele. The waitress kindly highlighted the longer than usual wait as the kitchen was overloaded, it was more than a "longer than usual wait". By normal standards, I would not even wait so long...even if I were a diehard! First boo to that.


Seriously? Singapore and HCM only?


Wine cellar!


The drinking folks.


Wagyu Beef Burger ($25)
100% Aussie Beef, Tomato Relish, Beetroot, Sauteed Onions, Cheddar with Fries and BBQ Sauce

I do not how many more times do I need to prove myself right and resist these things called wagyu beef burgers whenever they appear on the menu. So far, none have proved worth the gamble.


Just a beef burger, without a trace of wagyu. I should stop being deluded this very moment. Let's just relive the gastronomical mistakes I've made and I still do not learn from about stubborn as a mule.

So then it confuses me. Wagyu burgers that start from $5 (think MOS Burger..maybe I should give it a try for comparison) to $30 at Jones. Perhaps it's all down to the percentage of wagyu beef actually minced into the patty. Yet I've not had a burger that left me reeling and drooling for another AND thinking it's wagyu in the burger. Mental note to self: Bother only if it's db Bistro or CUT. Both I've yet to try but at least both are steak institutions. Strange thing or not, db Bistro does not even have a wagyu burger on its highly raved about burger menu...the experts know best? 

Please please please...don't bother with wagyu burgers anymore!


Boomerang Deluxe ($19)
Wagyu beef, Pepperoni, Spicy Sausage, Bacon, Spanish Onion, Mushroom, BBQ Sauce

Both the companion and I must have been wonky with the wagyu fever that we ordered a pizza with wagyu as well.

One thing to learn though, wagyu unless can't possibly tell it from a sirloin or tenderloin or grain fed when they are cooked well done. If anything, the pink on one side was real pretty. Can't fault the pizza, it was finger licking wholesome good in a comfort food way.


Sticky Date Pudding ($12)
Butterscotch sauce, vanilla icecream

So here's the verdict. BEST? You have to be seriously kidding. Dense pud drenched (read: soaking wet) in butterscotch sauce.


So dense, the pud worked like a sponge soaking up all the sauce. Foamy texture - not liking it. Unfortunately, there are better ones around. Even Marmalade Pantry's inconsistent pud wins this tons of times over. Much less Robert Timm's.

Boomerang is an Aussie bar, perfect to hang out over beers and holler at the competiting teams on telly and perhaps with a tray of knick knacks but that is just about it. For awesome food, I say...look elsewhere.

Boomarang Bistro and Bar
60 Robertson Quay
#01-15 The Quayside

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  1. It's Boomarang, not Boomerang.

  2. I hate bad desserts!

    Have you tried Caffe's Beviamo's SDP? Heard it's pretty good, but very rich.

  3. @clare: edited!

    @ice: tell me about disliking bad desserts...totally ruins the meal. :( oh issit? ive only been to Caffe Beviamo for milkshakes...shall bear that in mind! act there are so many places selling SDP these days

  4. No Phoebe, Caffe Beviamo's SDP has been around way long before any House of Robert Timm's, Boomarang's or even MP's SDP came into the picture.