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Barpazza @ Capital Square

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Finding dinner in CBD after 9pm is quite a feat, bars aside. Most shops' shutters are down by 9, if not earlier. Barpazza was one of the few open and dinner was settled there. Did not help they were running a $1.90 for your second mains.


Cosy insides.


I have an issue with napkin advertisements.

barpazza pizza

The Morning After ($20.50)*
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, bacon, soft set egg in center

Their pizzas come in 12 inch sizes, feeds two comfortably in between 8 slices. I found it bland despite the flurry of ingredients piled on top. Biscuit rims and pasty pizza base...perfect recipe for bar pizzas, at least Timbre's pizzas spot the same bases!

curry chicken pizza

I forgot what's the name of this dish but I suppose it did not resonate too well. Simple chicken pizza without much of a fuss.

bak chor pasta

Malale Oriental ($17.90)*
Minced garlic, chilli, scallion, minced pork, button mushrooms, leek, rucola leaves

Inspired by our local favourite bak chor mee, Barpazza adds a new twist to this fusion dish! Loved it to bits! It really tasted just like a mean bak chor mee, only with pasta in replacement of my usual order of mee kia. I would switch camps if it does not usually cost so much...! $17.90 could get me 4 bowls. The bite of the pasta holds up quite well against the sauces, not a soggy bite infact. If I can, I'd have the rest of my bak chor mees with pasta.

fish pasta

They have very strangely removed their previous promising creations like green curry and rendang pasta renditions and retained boring ones like fish filet pasta. Had a go at the fish fillet pasta - think fish and chips with pasta without chips. They probably taste good in their separate dishes but together, it was not the most natural marriage to have - seemed forcefully placed together out of convenience.
* Chef's recommendations

25 Church Street #01-02
Capital 3 Square (Next to Far East Square)

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