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Usual hk favourites

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These are just a few that have been so consistently good, I never fail to indulge in them each visit. Speaking of which...I can't wait to book yet another ticket to Hongkong!?

back at lydhurst terrace!

Lydhurst Terrace's.

tai cheong noms


taicheong wanchai

Wanchai love.

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts (HKD 5)

Always a pleasure, yet after each attempt I lust for the next. Headed back to Lydhurst Terrace for the first tease and attempted the other at Wan Chai. Still as divine. When will this addiction stop?

milk tart

Pie and Tart Milk Tart (HKD 6.50)

Next to egg tarts, these are my favouritest hongkong comfort food. The only time I ever condone crumbly crusts on a pastry. Butter crusts meet wobbly milk custard..can the sin get any worse?

charcoal black sesame

Chanced upon these charcoal black sesame swiss rolls (HKD 6) at Kee Wah. One bite and the rest is history, I ended up cleaning the store's supplies for the day.

The black sesame fragrance is hard to miss...liked the moist sponge cake with rich black sesame custard...yet best of all, it was not oily like most cream sponge cakes are. If only their expiration date was not so close, I would have stocked up enough!

peanut cake

White sponge cake with peanut butter, still the same spongey love!


Hang Heung Pineapple Shortcake

Milking the tourists for all they are worth, Hang Heung decides to go cute with their modern packaging of pineapple shortcakes.

small packets

Looks a weebit like Mr Bean's mascot!

lin heung

Too sweet, too overempowering...the buttery aftertaste was too much to bear. Not a fan, unfortunately.

kee wah

Kee Wah Pineapple Shortcake (HKD 6)

My kind of perfect pineapple tarts. They are the only reason why I'd want to celebrate Chinese New Year all year round.

I shall stick to my all time favourite - Kee Wah. Just the right thickness of pastry, just the right sweetness for filling....puh-lease keep it this way!

for the cough

Nin Jom Peh Pa Koh Jelly (HKD 25)

I usually head to Hoi Tin Tong for Turtle Jelly aka Gui Lin Gao but since I was nursing a phlegmy cough...I sounded the counterstaff for advice to cure the cough instead.

pi pa gao jelly

Black like the herbal jelly, this was alot less gentler on the tastebuds, with a hint of Pi Pa Goh. Honey would do the trick for those whose tolerence of all things herbal is low. It worked wonders by the way, at the rate that I stuffed myself silly with cough-inducing treats.

koi kee almond biscuit

Koi Kee

These Macau favourites can be found in Hongkong as well!

lin heung faves

Lin Heung for their famous lard-filled almond cookies and fried rice biscuits. The latter was extraordinarily crunchy with an awesome fried grain fragrance. This was more of a green bean biscuit though, on the sweet side. I'm sure their almond cookies need no introduction after all the visits and affirmation.

hang heung almond cookies

Hang Heung took it way too far off with too much almond essence - ack!

This is super late but it was weeks before Dumpling festival that I went so I took the great opportunity to lug back some! I considered too many options and hemmed and hawed and ended up buying from Maxim at the airport. DANG!

maxim dumpling

Headed for a package of 1 savoury and 2 sweet though the original plan was to try out their crystal dessert dumplings - mango sago, durian and another mind teasing flavour! Pity those were sold out. They were vacuum packed as above.

savoury yellow bean

Savoury of preserved meats, beans and chesnut. The combination is interesting - the flavours are quite unlike those we find locally...nice not awesome.

sweet dumpling

Liked the way they tied it up.

molten lotus paste dumpling

Molten lotus paste meets soft glutinous rice. Somehow, it was visually more appetizing than it really did.


The red bean was more outstanding as a  鹼水粽 with a really smooth paste.

And that wraps up the short getaway to one of my favourite cities around! Until the next appetite-challenging trip!

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  1. LIKE! DOUBLE LIKE the milk tart. Sobs.... last post. :(

  2. please please please please hunt down the milk tart!!! you wont ever regret eating it, mega mega mega loves it. :) SIGH YES...LAST POST. *SOBS*

  3. Koi Kee vs Lin Heung's almond cookies. Which is yummier and lardier? lol. I want to lug back some of these awesome cookies. I like Koi Kee's but I haven't tried Lin Heung's.

  4. i prefer lin heung but the family prefers koikee. Lin heung's got lard and for me it makes it more fragrant and fuller in taste. hee! I've not stumbled upon koi kee before in hk tho there's one at causeway bay.

  5. i dont thk koi kee has lard though...i could be wrong. anyhow i love my lin heung better than koi kee!

  6. Hmm... I don't really like Lin Heung's almond cookies, tasted kinda strange & not crunchy at all. I much prefer Koi Kei's.

    But omg Hoi Tin Tong's 龜苓膏 is so so good! I had it for 2 consecutive nights! Instantly felt healthier hehe. And it didn't help that there's a Hoi Tin Tong right beside our hotel.

  7. Heh I'm probably the only lin heung almond cookie fan in the family. :P

    Hoi Tin Tong's 龜苓膏 IS awesome, my must eat every single visit!!