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Sincere Restaurant @ Beijing

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LG Twin towers

Look at those mighty twin towers of the LG building. Within the same building is Wang XiaoFei's exclusive Club Lan...I wish I had the luck to head up for a peek! Yet with such exclusivity attached to it, only members allowed.

sincere restaurant

Sincere Restaurant on the 5th floor with a nice view of the city to boot.


Somewhat empty on a weekend.


Liked the coziness the restaurant exuded.


Details...details...down to the napkins.


Yet when it came to the table layout..nothing fanciful.

wang lao ji

Their herbal tea that rivals our Jia Jia Liang Teh.

potato salad

Walnut and Yam Salad

I've never quite eaten a potato salad similar to this before. Diced potatoes tossed in ham, mayo, peas, carrots and topped with candied walnuts. Strangely, the chinese nailed this so well.

jellied pork

Delicious sliced pork

Reminded me of wild boar jelly. In all its intricacy, this was actually quite good.

braised veg

Braised Cauliflower

Not a fan of cauliflower but this cauliflower hotpot was delish! Crunchy well marinated cauliflowers simmered in tasty broth.


Dried Mandarin Fish

Spicy hideous-looking dish. Did not touch this much.

beef glass noodle

Stirred Noodle with beef and Pickle

Delicious glass noodles with beef, the addition of pickle made this extra tantalizing.

egg with bean sprouts

Scramble eggs with Mandarin Fish

The simplest of the lot of dishes, forgettable.


Stirred Seasonal Vegetable

I love my vegetables but this did not surprise me too much.

bacon with veg

Steamed Cabbage

The ham bits gave this a nice savoury twist.

fried rice

Fried Rice with Vegetable, Cabbage and Beans

Boring stuff.

corn peas and carrots with shrimp

Seafood with peas, carrots and corn

Peas, carrots and corn as a proper dish puts me of somehow. Perhaps its the whole frozen veggies idea that makes this entirely "frozen food".

red spinach

Blanched Spinach

Super tasty though it's just blanched! The red pigments can be quite scary when eating but mighty delicious vegetable dish.

sweet and sour pork

Sweet and Sour Pork

Cantonese dish well executed.

Sincere offers chinese dining with a finer touch. Overall an enjoyable meal despite the numerous vegetable dishes. One of those meals that I actually felt good completing without the overload of meats.

Sincere Restaurant
5/F LG Twin Towers
12 JianGuoMenWai Avenue
Chaoyang District, Beijing

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