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SIN-PEK on Singapore Airlines

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economy class

Back on Singapore Airlines for the first business-related trip this year...! For a 5 over hour flight, I was guaranteed of good inflight entertainment and food, or so the SQ fans always swear by.

DSC_0003 (2)

Nuts that always give the jaws some good workout before the meals get served up, these were only
served on the way back. Fresh and if only the stewardesses were not so sullen faced!

Brunch: Singapore - Peking

Always a choice of international and oriental or any other cuisine signature of the final destination, I always hope for game company that is willing to share both with me...!
prawn salad

Drunken Prawn Salad
Rice wine marinated prawns with tomato and cucumber

Despite the eyesore of fried onions, this oriental salad turned out quite flavourful.

ham and pasta

Pasta and Ham Salad

This would have suited the buffet line perfectly, nothing too extraordinary.

bread roll

An overly toasted breadroll that was way too crusty and hard at some parts.

roll with butter

Roll and Butter...I simply love to slap on the butter in chunks.


Braised Chicken in Hot Bean Sauce served with Seasonal Vegetable and Fried Rice

Decent attempt on what would have been high class cai png. Hearty and wholesome but that was just about it.


Panfried Fillet of Fish in Tomato Basil Sauce with Roasted Vegetables and New Potatoes

I actually preferred this way better than the oriental option. The fishy stench of creatures of the sea tend to be the greatest giveaway of the freshness of the dish. Firm and meaty, I found no fault in this panfried fillet...yummy enough for me to scrape my plastic plate clean except for the overly salted potatoes.

crackers and biscuits

Snacks for those who still need a nibble or two after a filling meal. I found the crackers way too dry.
pineapple shortcake

Chinese Snack - Pineapple Shortcake

Crumbly biscuit with pineapple jam...I miss my pineapple shortcakes from Kee Wah big time!

double choc icecream

Chocolate icecream was the only option available. I watched most green-eyed whilst the company tucked into it so heartily.

Dinner: Peking - Singapore

prawn penne salad

Penne Pasta with Shrimp and Vegetable Salad

Once again crystal prawns...nothing too fanciful here.

fish salad

Oriental Style Marinated Fish with Pickled Vegetables

Dry preserved fish would suit this best with crunchy pickled vegetables. Odd combination.


Panfried Chicken with Creamy Herb Sauce, Sauteed Vegetables Medley and Potatoes

Tender chicken breast bathed in decadent cream sauce and vegetables. I'm beginning to love western options to oriental ones now.

bread and cheese

Roll and Butter..this time round, a whole lot better than the previous one! At least it was warm and crusty.
Cheese and Crackers...I miss cowhead cream cheese so much! Went awesomely well with crackers.

finally vanilla

At long last, vanilla icecream cone.
vanilla ice

I risked a whooping cough for this...a well worth it one too! Nuts on top gave this treat a better bite...why won't the local cornettos all take a cue from this?
red wine chicken

Braised Pork in Red Wine Marinate, Brocoli Cauliflower with Bacon and Fried Rice

Chinese menu specially created by Chef Zhou Jun from Jade Garden Restaurant, Shanghai. I actually liked this enough to steal more than seconds from the colleague's plate. Well braised pork slices simmered in a flavourful red wine marinate.


Chinese Snack - Strawberry Shortcake Pastry

Once again crackers that were too dry and a strawberry shortcake that was too artificially flavoured.

If there's one thing that keeps SQ tops in air travel, it has to be their inflight entertainment. I was not particularly wowed by the food options though I have to admit the hunger pangs were kept at bay with their filling meals. Singapore Sling was on the menu..perhaps next time!

Singapore Airlines

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  1. For the love of food and travel, I find this food review to be an absolute delight. The photos made the food look better than they really were, I bet. But kudos to you!

  2. hi razlan, thanks for reading! :)

  3. You could ask for Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. (: What's with SQ and their Khong Guan biscuits?!? So unappetizing.

  4. @ ice...i asked for alternatives but was given a curt "no." standard is clearly dropping eh!