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Roses Town Restaurant Bar @ Beijing


Roses Town is off the beaten track in Beijing, though the locals and expats would know exactly how to find it - an area mainly patronized by either groups but hardly tourists. I already liked the whole rustic feel of the place the moment I stepped out of the coach.

rustic entrance

Enter the main door only to enter yet another hall way.

long table

Tables laid out.


There is the option of dining completely indoor or a pseudo outdoor concept in a glasshouse! Mainly reserved for couples - judging from the occupancy that night. Oh yes, they engage in the chingchong way of celebrating a birthday complete with a chorused birthday song broadcasted over the stereo; happened twice that night! Somehow these birthday celebrations do bring back memories of how birthdays used to be celebrated.

table setting

Could not help but steal a shot of the table before gluttony began.


Instead of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, we've got pate!

bread basket

Sweetened sesame bread rolls or mini baguettes fresh off the oven. I preferred the baguettes for more bite.


Grilled mixed vegetable salad with dressing

Has to be one of the largest salad portions ever eaten in awhile, it felt like a mains on its own. Loved it! One of the few salads that come without croutons and raw mushrooms but I enjoyed every bite of this green forest.

cream of mushroom

Cream of mushroom soup with basil

This required seasoning on my own - a dash of pepper and a couple of shakes of salt did the trick. Thick mushroom pureed soup with a nice sesame cracker.


Grilled beef tenderlion with gratin potato and red wine sauce

I broke into a grin when the plate was laid. My first heart shaped steak! Frivolosity aside - the kind I would expect from a romantic other half, I thought it was worth remembering since it's the first...and I checked with the rest if their steaks were also shaped this way. Visually very tantalising!

lovely red

Done medium with the right tenderness and succulence. Impressive, I have to say. Unsuspecting dish done so right! Gratin potato had the right amount of cheese and carbs while the vegetables were once again, delicious.


Pan-seared sea-bass served with Olive oil sautéed vegetable

Polished clean this was, I suppose this spoke volumes.
panfried chicken

I found the chicken lovely with a nice chargrilled flavour about it.

Opera cake

Fell short of expectations with all things soggy, lacking in the praline base most opera cakes had.

Service was spotty with the waiters quite ill prepared for the crowd they were in for. I would head back for seconds if I knew Beijing at the back of my hand. For once, French in foreign ground wowed me so.

Roses Town Restaurant Bar

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