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Otto Revisited @ Red Dot Museum

Back at Otto for a colleague's farewell. Completely packed for lunch and thank goodness for reservations.

Tray of bread that charmeths once again...


Could not resist a shot of their irresistible breads.


Yet another!

Raisin, Ciabatta, Herb, Onion...chewy slices of heaven. Dipped in olive oil, I was wishing and dreaming they had loaves of these for offer. I went straight for the complete works, much to the amusement and astonishment of the shy company. What's there to be shy about if they're worth every living calorie, proven and tested too?

portebello parmesan

Amuse bouche of portobello and parmesan flakes.


Assorted Leaves, Roasted Ham and Pickled Vegetables Salad

A colourful assortment that the company relished every fork of.

crabmeat mousse

It was originally Sauteed Spicy Vongole and Zucchini but replaced last minute with Crabmeat and Avocado Mousse citing reasons that the latest batch of clams were not up to standard. I was crestfallen already...Otto was known for pasta and I was most looking forward to a pasta dish at least!

This smelt crabby...even before the dish was laid before me. A layer of shredded crabmeat on top of avocado mousse and diced tomatoes. I thought it would be baby tomato halves but these tomatoes were bland.


Korobuta Pork Ribs with Potato Salad

A huge slab of sio bak, this looked like. Seared to perfection on the top, crispy with a brilliant brown.

pork sliced

Dive further, the pork was a tad overcooked hence the dry texture despite a wobbly sinful layer of fats. Somewhat underwhelmed dish despite using a really good cut - Korobuta pork especially. Tantalizing portion of potato salad.

pear and chocolate cake

Chocolate and Pear Cake with Vanilla Sauce

This looked generous with 2 thick slices of cake. Did not get to try but it was described as moist and "really good."

icecream and sorbet

Otto's Icecream and Sorbet (Chocolate/Pistachio/Strawberry, Lemon/Raspberry)

Headed straight for Pistachio and lemon. Encrusted with chopped pistachios, this creamy one was quite a delight of its own. Lemon sorbet was not as zesty and sour as I would like it to be but still good.

tea w cookie

Service is lacking with a full house and a VIP as well. Getting the attention of the waiters was difficult but they are prompt in replacing cutlery, refilling glasses and removing plates. I reckon pasta and steak is still very much Otto's forte and I would return just for their pastas someday. Meanwhile, this set lunch was pretty much mediocre at best.

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