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Mak's Noodle @ Causeway Bay

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mak's noodle causeway bay

I like my wanton mee - handmade noodles, charsiew, power chilli, dumplings and vegetables.  Sounds like Fei Fei Wanton Mee? It is, or so the memory chooses to recall it that way. Since the day I had horrifying noodles from Fei Fei's I've stopped visiting and eating wanton noodles altogether. Such is stubbornness. Hongkong is known for wanton mee, a different kind altogether though it sounds strangely the same. Mak's and Chi Kee are perhaps the two longest established names when it's concerning wanton mee.


Chanced upon Mak's noodle at Causeway Bay and headed in since it did not have a queue and the companion was craving wanton mee big time.

anthony bourdain certified!

The tattered food guide by 8 Days which I brought along praised it to the skies. Some claimed they were only doing justice to the chef if they consumed at least two bowls of the noodles.

guess what we're having

Menus slipped under the table.

the famed

Clipped in between stands...all point to the same signature - Wanton mee.

everyone is hungry

The rest of the ravenous.

tea to clean the cutlery

Hot tea to cleanse the utensils.

hkd 30

HKD30 for a bowl of noodles no larger than the soup bowls that a regular cantonese dinner would feature. Pricey affair I thought. Springy thin noodles with a slightly rough texture (thinner than Lung Kee's!) and approximately 4 plump shrimp wantons. It is delicious don't get me wrong, just not in a "I want to eat another bowl" manner. I did not require 2 bowls to silence the curiosity about the famous wanton mee, I still prefer our localised version with handmade noodles and power chilli. It's about hunting down Fei Fei's replacement now.

shanghai hongkong

Crossing the road from Mak's brought me to this Shanghai snack place that had snaking queues - a major major major tease for a tourist like me!

everyone queue so i queue

Queues that gradually formed and never slowed down!

all the kneading

Behind all the kneading and folding and wrapping...action, people just ordered these rice rolls. Yes, I spilled the beans..

boxes of

Boxes for takeaways too!

shanghai snack

So it was an elongated version of bak zhang with stuffings that are not usually put together in one - pickled vegetables, fried doughstick and meat floss. It was filling and a tad oily though not the bestest glutinous rice roll I ever had. On hind sight, I actually wondered why I bothered queueing.

The hilarious things I do like joining a queue without knowing why, especially so on a holiday.

Mak's Noodle

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  1. Ha! You were at the narrow lane lined with minibuses, that was right next to the SOGO junction eh?

    That shanghainese place is popular but their 粢饭 is rather substandard, too much rice dough too little fillings. I think you had the salty version with pork floss, I prefer the sweet ones with sugar haha.

    On a side note, if you are adventurous enough, you can try the Shanghainese version of savoury tau hway. Beancurd with a dash of spring onion and chili oil. This one really is acquired taste!

  2. omg...u can even pinpoint the EXACT LANE!?!? *gasp* ultimate foodie.

    yup that's the one! they didnt have the sweet one on sale though. ok! may be headed to shanghai so shall keep a look out for that! ^^

  3. Got mah... you've tried Mak's, but at this Causeway Bay branch.

  4. @ice: OOOOOOPS. ok wing wah wins HANDS and PANTS down. Mak's is way off!