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Lung Kee Wanton @ Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

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lung kee wanton

The first wanton mee shop encountered near the hotel and somehow laziness got the better of me that particular night.

cha chan teng

The makings of atypical hongkong eatery - stools and tables haphazardly put together. Draw one to share a table - that's how they get through meals. Sharing tables is such a common affair in Hongkong, I'm beginning to wonder if I can ever live with dining alone in Hongkong in cha chan tengs and eateries. Somehow I stil relish the personal space (of the table) and time alone very much over meals to appreciate sharing tables (or dap toi in cantonese).

menu on the wall

The numerous price revisions that their menu has undergone.

first bowl of wanton mee

HKD 20 for a bowl of wanton noodle - oily broth, noodles with a wire-o consistency and bouncy fresh shrimp dumplings. Credit has to be given to their generosity of their huge as fook chow fishballs shrimp dumplings - I've never seen them of that size around in Singapore! Something about their noodles I still have yet to love.

Lung Kee Wanton
Carnarvon Rd,, Tsim Sha Tsui

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  1. hehe personal space so you can take photos of food without others staring. :P

    What is it about the noodles in HK you have yet to love? I would love anything there.

  2. ahahahahah you nailed it! :P hmmz, that wire-y crunchy texture of the noodle? I'm a handmade noodle girl at heart. :P

  3. Which hotel were you staying at Tsim Sha Tsui? Seems like a popular area for tourist accommodation. Phoebe, you've been to HK many times. Any good hotel recommendations for both the Kowloon side and HongKong Island?

  4. @ice: I normally try to stay at TST area...makes commuting so easy! Plus, the nightlife is so'd not go hungry there! Attempted Hotel Benito (carnavon rd i thk) and Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel..The Mira or Park Hotel is pretty centralized.

    I honestly wouldn't reccomend one located on an off-beated track like the last one attempted - was a hunghom. No doubt there was shuttle available but you're at the mercy of it! Getting food past midnite is o_O. Stick close to mongkok, jordan or tst you're good! :)