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Da Dong @ Beijing

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da dong

The gf had forewarned of reservations being a must while another swore by Da Dong as the holy grail of all peking ducks. Despite being hardpressed for time, I insisted on heading to Da Dong for an early lunch once the doors swung open at 11am when I had to leave for the airport an hour an a half later. (Does not help the hotel was located just opposite Da Dong!) Brushing aside horror stories of long waiting time, going as spritely early as 11am does get you an empty restaurant though full attentive service from their staff is highly dependent on luck.

open concept kitchen

Adored the open concept coal oven where their famous signatures are roasted out in the open, and you can have the privilege of sitting by the bars watching the prized being prepared.


Duck motifs in every nook and corner...absolute chi-chi!

napkin ring

Even the napkin rings seemed a whole lot more atas than Quan Ju De at Qian Men.

famous ducks

Feeling guilty indulging in these feathered creatures?


Even their toothpick holders are extra 古色古香..

apple juice

My freshly squeezed apple juice...

da dong chopsticks

I must have had so much time on my hands to snap away at every slightest mention of Da Dong.


Signature Super Lean Peking Duck with condiments

Waiting time for this is a minimum of 20 minutes. If it's any gauge of its popularity; every table had an order of it.

half a duck

That is half a duck's worth. I would have daringly went ahead with a whole duck and consumed the entire week's worth of duck in a meal if the companions were not so game for it.

world famous

A sleeker way of presenting Peking duck - on a bed of leafy greens with the oil glistening under the light.

sesame buns

Like Quan Ju De...crispy hollow sesame buns are also provided.


Da Dong's pancake skins are a lot more refined; the thinnest encountered yet the chewiness was much retained.

expert at rolling

If one walked out without ordering this, it's as good as heading to Beijing without paying the Great Wall a visit. Surely, the Beijingers bestow heaven on this, same goes for tourists. I have my two peking duck wrap rolls worth; it is arguably the best around (after just 3 attempts on peking duck) but I still prefer our local take on it.

The crispy skin is unrivalled with just the right amount of grease, duck meat is so tender and meaty...I thought it was a pity it could barely run away from being labelled "dry". Mistake me not, I adore Da Dong (yes I do!), it just does not warrant the same dreams I have of Japanese Wagyu Beef or French Macarons. It's just one of those dishes that localization seems to have triumphed over the original.

condiments - da dong style

Hats and socks off for the complete plate of condiments used stuff their impossibly thin crepe skin. Loved the freshly grated horseradish for the nostril chilling punch. Dip it in sugar and be wowed by the combination. I never quite thought sugar and duck were so complimentary.

dou miao with roses

Stir fried Dou Miao

I had an LOL moment when the company decided to order it. Vegetables are overpriced, period. A good stir fry with an exquisite presentation - romanticised with rose petals!

braised pigeon

Braised Pigeon

The company must have been muddled when they were trying their luck with Char Siew and Siew Yoke, only to be met with a blank reciprocation from the waitress. The closest we got to Cantonese food had to be braised pigeon. Puny as it was, I have to was mad awesome. Flavours well captured within the tiny fowl, every bite left me thirsting for more. Flavourful, meaty and of the better pigeon dishes ever! I've only tried roasted pigeon so far and I thought Da Dong's braised version was beyond measure - delicious!

I wish I had time for their desserts which generally take 20 minutes upon clearance of the last dish to prepare. Out of the window it went - my impending order of candy apples, award winning to boot. Ok, I am sore.

water chestnut sorbet

Da Dong surprises with water chestnut sorbet served in a champagne glass, chestnut rocks beneath too. Reminiscent of water chestnut, although bland I thought it was ingenius.

fruit platter

And then a complimentary exotic fruit platter gets served up. Although barely sweet, where else do you get so many complimentaries part of a meal?

wall of accolades

Make Da Dong a must, there has to be something within the 180 dishes that will catch your eye..(though it may not be peking duck!).

Da Dong
5/F Jinbaohui Shopping Center
No. 88 Jinbao Street
Dongcheng District, Beijing

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