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A Curious Teepee @ *Scape

*Scape has not quite been my hangout partly because of the teenybopper crowd that seems to flock to their regular flea markets and the lack of proper definative shops - oops. I am probably going to get hate mail for saying that but here comes A Curious Teepee to the rescue! Ala superman style. Anyhow, I would not say it's a chance upon but a gf was facebooking it at the same time a couple of media writeups came along - so why not? Finding accessible and centralized brunch places are drawing to an end on the list of to try.


They open sharply at 12 so that gave me some time to scrutinize the shop from out side. Concept shops seem to be the new way to go - Kki and drom store, Food For Thought at SAM...the lil shops along Ann Siang Hill-Tanjong Pagar-Tras Street-Haji Lane..the drift is there.


Sharing the love is a collection of designer accessories and clothes with a mish mesh of yesteryears artifacts; think an old rusty yet still beautiful rooster-themed wind sock. (Ok, that sounded too much to handle).

ACTP interior

Deejay alert!


Under the Lo and Behold group, I was piqued. Think Loof, Overeasy and White Rabbit if Lo and Behold does not ring a bell. Menu is limited most unfortunately, but being a first timer..I had the liberty to choose a make-or-break dish.


Table adornments of cacti.


And others...


Squiggly words of welcome in various languages being screened. Adds a personal touch, methinks.


Limited menu.


How about some lollies to please the inner child.

papa palheta coffee

Coffee by the latest in town - Papa Palheta!


Flat White

Deemed latte instead of flat white by the coffee drinker, I thought the cookie was too pint-sized to create an impression.

ACTP Sandwich

ACTP Sandwich ($14.50)

This reads the full works. Came on a chopping board with a pile of tapioca chips and two stacks of thick sandwiches. I dig thick sandwiches; for mass and well, it frivolously looks good! Dense bread meets wholesome ingredients like bacon, chicken and egg and what looked like a garden salad stuffed into a sandwich.Oh did I say I love the tasty cream spread they used?

ACTP sandwich again!


lemon berry tart 2

Lemon Berry Tart ($8.50)

Too many acidic tarts have come my way for me to tell a good from a bad. ACT rocked it with a tangy curd...loved it! Sweet berries with pleasantly sour custard..mamma mia!

lemon berry tart

Truly, madly, deeply I fall in love with thee.

I was quick to return for seconds within the week, dinner this time! Love the whole lounge feel of the place...without a deejay spinning but oh-so-perfect! I wonder how long this will remain a hidden gem away from the prying eyes...before the crowds start streaming in.

savoury waffle

Savoury Waffles ($15.80)

This was launched on 1st July! Their secret savoury waffles come with chicken sandwich toppings whilst this new addition had smoked salmon and cream cheese balls.

smoked salmon waffle

Crispy crunchy waffles which tasted surprisingly SO good! I've always been a huge fan of doughy belgian waffles and once scoffed at Fou De Fa Fa's overfried crunchy waffles but Curious Teepee, you have don't justice to crunchy waffles! Liked the mild saltiness of this - paired with smoked salmon and cream cheese, absolut heaven. An experiment done well by the chef!

Repeats of ACTP sandwich drew the same response from the dining companion - really yummy and wholesome too!

strawberry tart

Strawberry Tart ($8)

I wish I had space for the dundee apple tart I wanted so bad the last visit...they had new items like flourless orange cake and carrot cake muffin.

strawberry tart smashed

Strawberry tart with custard, delish one but still prefer the lemon tart for the extra zest.

Can't wait to return for their apple dundees, cute-naming cocktails and more brunch! Loving this place already. Pity their service is way above slow (though that suited the Sunday pace to a T) but Lo and Behold Group...continue the good work.

A Curious Teepee
*Scape #02-24

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  1. Erm... haha better not rave too much & praise them to the skies. They might just use your rave to their advantage. *Read: House of **. Have those guys gotten back to you? They didn't seem to have responded to your fb comment.

  2. hmm, i believe the Lo and Behold Group has alot more integrity than H.O.R.T. ! But it's truly that good! haha. H.O.R.T. was only good for one dish - sticky date pud. Am hunting down the next bestest alternative. BOO.

    Nah, obviously they can't be bothered. thieves! I shall take the robbing of photos as a compliment.