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City Space Revisited @ Swissotel Hotel

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City Space still tops my list of gorgeous places to have a bird's eye view of Singapore's nightline. 70 storeys up and reservations are a must...City Space razzles dazzles even at 1am. We tried out luck at 10pm but was not promised a table but at was free play. No tinkling of the ivory keys though at that hour, I believe the jazz numbers are only played from 10-midnight or slightly after.


Spend at least $60 to get a window seat for the night view..which we qualified ultimately but did not bother to move over.


Still enthralled by the light baubles.

As insignificant as the waitresses' outfit, I thought Swissotel did a sleek and sexy job out of it! Back backs in the dark are tres attractive...coming from a lady no less! Beats boring old pinafores or casual wear...which sets the mood notches lower.


I love Cityspace for the complimentary nibbles that they serve; curry crackers, crackers and torched cashews.


Vesper ($30)
Gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet

Vesper for the companion who was completely knocked out after this. Perhaps it was the bar hopping we did or it was really lethal but I did not fancy it too much..the bitter aftertaste especially. The alcoholic termed it "quality stuff".


Singapore's Finest Sling ($25)
Martin Millers Gin, Benedictine, Maraschino Liquer, Pureed Lime, Cucumber, Redberry Espuma

More a ladies drink which I loved..but did not topple the usual Pina Colada or Lychee Martini fix. Though delicious, I still can't quite identify with out national drink.

Note that there are two prices for all drinks, happy hour and regular hour ones. At least $10 apart but not that it mattered when all you want it a nice drink to unwind after a week at work. Oh yes, to sit by the window..and possibly dangle your Ferragamo-clad feet while taking in the sights...a surcharge is expected unless you chalk up $60 which is easy peasy when their drinks are charged to the tunes of $25 onwards per glass. As the night drew to an end...amidst the star studded sky and baubles hanging still is a charming way to end the week, at Cityspace no less. Reservations for sure the next time round.


I headed back again to my favourite bar of all time in time for Happy Hour one weekend. Barely filled at 6-ish pm, a lovely time to catch the sunset and unwind. I actually liked the sappy love tunes they broadcasted. Service is hardly an issue at Cityspace throughout the visits I've made. $20 surcharge slapped on the bill for the window seat.


Thoughtful towels.

Something about the baubles that never fail to get me intrigued, time after time.

Mangorama ($15)
Calvados, Belvedere Pomarancza, Mango and Passion Fruit, Fog, Marjoram, Rosemary, Orange Blossom

This was classified under its experimential signatures. Arriving in a aluminium can with dry ice effect, it was a visual surprise. The first few sips were fruity and almost like cordial until the potency of the alcohol kicked in...loving it still and finally ended with fiery chilli tones. Loved it! Liked how the drink tranformed in tickling the palette - interesting cocktail.


Still a major fan of their bar snacks - this time, they were refilled before I could even finish.

Watching the sun set...lovely!


Always a favourite.
Lvl 70, Swissotel

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