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Beerfest Asia 2011

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beerfest tix

Sometime middle of this year there was Beerfest and I bought tickets for the closing day. On hindsight, I should have gotten them for the day before where all the action and partying would have taken place. Location was right smack next to Singapore Flyer on the F1 tracks and it was a small outfit - much to my disappointment. Separated into two large tents, there were at most 12 beer counters and the place reeked of puke. A sign of hardcore partying the night before! That still did not stop revellers from returning on the closing day to continue guzzling of beer - ruddy faced drinkers were spotted in groups though nobody emptied on the floors near sunset when I left.

like minded folk

I am the sort of drinker who knows my cocktails more than my beers. Cider? Lager? What? Beer is beer, either brewed or off the draught.


Somehow I associate beer with a rowdier crowd, not the sort that fits the whole chill-lounge experience.

off the tap!

Beer has been mostly bitter, slightly fizzy and gassy for me. Hardly I actually enjoy a pint alone.

row of belgian beers

Belgian fruity beers were quite a draw for me together with this other taiwanese booth with fruit cider.


With such a sensual image, I bet the dudes who made this their number one best seller bought it because of it! It was too sweet on the palette, not the easiest drink to down.


6 Drunk Men - Magners

This was a type of cider, lighter on the palette. Not as overempoweringly sweet as the belgian fruit beers.


Carlsberg Singapore – Kronenbourg 1664

Lager this was...I thought it was pleasant.

Witchcraft - UK


Limited Edition Beer - Archipelago

Intense and bitter with too much foam. You have to be a hardcore beer fanatic to love this.

food kiosk

Drinks are hardly complete without food. Creative catering was the main caterer for the event. Quite a selection of food up for grabs with meatballs being a complete sell out amongst other options like satay, nachos and sausages with fries.

wagyu burger

I opted for Wagyu Beef Cheese Burger with French Fries ($10) which was really not bad! Not sure how much wagyu went into the $10 burger but with MOS' offering wagyu on their menu as could be remotely possible. A decent sized portion, lovely patty with a nice bite to it and best of pulled off a hearty stunt. Beats some of the beef burgers I've attempted at pubs. 

stage of entertainment

Entertainment was clearly not the focus on a lazy Sunday...but I was kept entertained by a decent band. Tickets to the comedy club were were buckets of beer as the day draw to a close.


How about a hilarious man-angel who amused us so with his antics?

I'm no beer fan but I thought it will be a good experience to check out beers and maybe get converted! That being said, this beerfest may be the last...still not a convert.Will someone just organize a cocktail fest? I'll be amongst the first to sign up!

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