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Tim Ho Wan Revisited @ Kwong Wa St, Yau Ma Tei

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tim ho wan

Back at Tim Ho Wan!
tim ho wan new menu

Starting June 1st, Tim Ho Wan will be offering catering services (I hope I read it correctly!) including items with more atas ingredients (read shark's fin, foie gras...) It's still the world's cheapest Michelin Starred restaurant, regardless.

never enough

One tip about dining at Tim Ho Wan is still going at odd dining hours if you want a seat. I still cannot bring myself to queue hours knowing well there is an alternative to getting the much lusted after table. Nothing has changed since the last visit - tables are still shifted like mahjong tiles..

next to the cashier!

The only saving grace this time was I sat next to the cashier (I didn't have to go through the unglamourous process of getting out of my seat with my tummy bulging and still having to squeeze through).

always full

Packed, is a given.

famous crispy char siew buns

酥皮焗叉燒包  (HKD 14)
Crispy Char Siew Bun

Seemed a tad smaller than the last visit, still as awesome with the sweet crust, pillowy soft bun and savoury char siew filling.

char siew pau fried

A basket is definitely not enough to satiate the appetite but I had to save it for the rest of the goodies coming my way!

siew mai

晶瑩鮮蝦餃 (HKD 20)
Har Gao

Less outstanding than the siew mai as I remember it to be.

siew mai bites

Was it the skin? Or the lacklustre filling...? It just did not work that magically.

fried fritters

鹹水角 (HKD 12)
Fried Savoury Fritters

The most amazing thing about their jin dui is no doubt it looks and tastes oily, it does not get to you the way a plate of char kuay teow would. Lacks the jelardness which makes eating oily food a sin. Lovely crispy and chewy glutinous skin with an equally delish mushroom chicken filling.

osmanthus jelly

杞子桂花糕  (HKD 10)
Osmanthus Jelly

The interest has always been piqued to try this periodic drama tea favourite - I remember watching so many dramas with the royal ladies partaking of this beautiful snack. It's really just a sweet tea jelly loaded with flowers and wolfberries. Not too bad, I must say!

hkd 60 for a michelin starred meal

Cheap. So cheap. Ridiculously cheap for Michelin-star standards.

I'm yet another step closer to trying out all their signatures...until the next visit I reckon! Service is not top notch but when you speak cantonese, you do get your way around things easier.Still a keeper, Tim Ho Wan is!

Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists
Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Tim Ho Wan chef will be at Feng Shui Inn from 30 June to 10 July. Do you intend to try?

  2. @ice: nahhh...he's doing his siganture crispy bun and including items from the catering menu (atas ingredients) and charging an arm and a leg for it! ;P Saving up for another trip to dimsumland makes more sense!

    are you gg?

  3. Ha no... I rather brave the queue and pay S$10 per pax at Tim Ho Wan. :P I should be going HK in december & Tim Ho Wan's 酥皮焗叉燒包 is already on my to-eat list, together with Tai Cheong egg tarts, and many many many more egg tarts. Any other good egg tarts to recommend? I prefer those with flaky crust though.

  4. @ice: hehe great minds think alike! nothing beats having it where it originated from. :)ahhhh lucky yoooooo! I wanna head back to tim ho wan so bad.. =( to be honest, their egg tarts are generally way and above better than ours just that tai cheong stands out cos of chris patten. There's another called honolulu coffee shop at wanchai that I've read so much about but failed to track it down. You're making me drool about them already!

  5. Those egg tarts from honolulu coffee shop look like they're made in heaven. I think I'll like them more than Tai Cheong's just for the crust. Bookmarked! Omg I can't wait! Ok... now I need to get my egg tart fix... from Singapore. :/

  6. heh! try honolulu and tell me what you think...! pity you don't dig macau eggtarts..else it'll be lord stow's ALL the way! taicheong's wobbly custard is TO-DIE-FOR.

    heh egg tarts in sg? tong heng works for me...if not st regis' yan ting ones are really good too!

  7. I'm scrutinizing the receipt haha but why does your tea cost $2 but you were charged $4?

  8. Ate so little for 2 pax!?!? How can? It's Tim Ho Wan!

  9. because....tim ho wan was just ONE of the many stops that I had for lunch! >.< considering dinner I also had so much to cover. I wish I had 2 stomachs or more.

  10. The beefballs and lo bak gou turned out to the best! Must try those next time Phoebe. Missing Tim Ho Wan's dim sum loads already.

  11. just some day i'll try everything on the menu. *dreams* did you have to wait long?

  12. Haha we were very lucky to be the last table for the 1st round! Didn't have to wait at all. :P Kiasu went at around 9.15am hehe... but the queue was already forming fast.

  13. Tim Ho Wan is closing their MK outlet in Jan next year and moving to Olympian City @ West Kowloon. :/ Newest branch is at Northpoint. It's never going to be the same not dining at this old dingy MK joint.