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Paul Lafayet @ K-11, Tsim Sha Tsui

paul lafayet

I think the draw of most Hongkong cafes is the young sweet bubble gum pop girls who already charm you with their saccharine smiles over the counter even before you place your order. Yes, I am a female and I was charmed. I cannot imagine what would happen to a dude. Perhaps buy up the entire day's worth of pastries? 

well torched

Creme Brulee (HKD 40)

Torched on the spot, these seem to be their hottest seller judging from the online reviews. To be consumed within 45 minutes, these saucers of creme are. Gently reminded by the sweet lil 'uns, I quickened my footsteps back to the hotel room to indulge in them.

creme brulee

I love the gorgeous coffee brown this was torched, jabbing through the sugary layer was the most perfect way to ruin a creme brulee. Nice crunchy layer meets creamy custard. I liked it and nearly labelled it the best takeaway creme brulee.

paul lafayet

Macarons (HKD 15 each)


Teased by the array of colours over the counter, I gave into temptation.


Another shot of the french loves.


Fresh Ginger with premium white chocolate

Brilliant use of ginger here, loved the ginger shreds which were not over powering. Liked this oriental twist to it.



This was surprisingly light.

black sesame

Almond and sesame cream

Rich sesame paste that permeated in every bite.


Premium Ganache

A tad too sweet.

rose macaron

Rose and premium ganache

Lightly flavoured, I'm still not a fan of rose. Doesn't "premium ganache" once again confuse? So what is premium ganache?

Crispy and light sugary shells with a creamy filling Paul Lafayet macarons are all about. I still miss what Pierre Herme has...I still miss the chewy filling and dense shells.

mille feuille

Mille Feuille (HKD 40)

Also another hot favourite which was sold out the first visit, I had some time to myself so I had it within the comfort of the small cafe (only sits 3!) Three, is a crowd I must add.

The pastry layers were not as crisp as desired and custard was a tad pasty. Not quite the best that I have eaten, neither would I consider this Paul Lafayet's signature.

I gave up tea time at Agnes B's delice cafe for Paul Lafayet..perhaps on hindsight I should not have. Then again, K-11 is the mall to watch out smells heavenly! These days malls are investing alot more in how they smell - even Ion Orchard has its own scent! Lots of food gems to uncover in the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Paul Lafayet
Shop G23, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I learnt to just dive straight in and get the things I want and leave. Alternatively can attempt to charm them back for discounts. ahaha.

    I think there's another agnes B cafe at Harbour City, and an agnes B chocolate Boutique at APM. Didn't have the chance to try them yet!

  2. @ Daniel: SIGH! Can't believe it...after SO many visits to HK ive yet to do agnes b cafe! never enough time in dimsumland =( i'll leave it to you to try it first...hee.