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Level 23 @ Sheraton Saigon

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Level 23 at Sheraton Saigon is described to be the place to take in the fresh air and sounds of the bustling city below. I realise I've got a penchant of soaking in a city's night landscape in a bar. Remember Sky Bar? My favourite CitySpace? At 23 floors up, I was pensive about the view they had to offer...afterall Sky Bar in KL was but a mere 33 storeys as opposed to City Space's 70.

lvl 23

Service was curt, especially when we requested for a table with the city view. No doubt tables were all taken but the tone was most unnecessary.


Nut platter that was served just once and ignored despite several attempts by the waiter to clear empty glasses and used napkins from the table. Yes, they are that anal about how spotless the table should be but an empty snack plate does not bother them one bit.

saigon bia

Saigon Bia which is lighter and foamier than the usual Tiger beer...with the familiar bitter aftertaste.

love potion

Love Potion No. 9 triumphed Coco Rumbu when the smooth waiter made his suggestion "Definitely Love Potion for a lady!" I can totally understand why..with the creamy pink hue it arrived it. Looked like strawberry milkshake but tasted close to Pina Colada.

another shot

Can't decide which shot I like better..

night view lvl 23

Managed to grab the camera and steal some shots of the night life in between people rushing to "chope" tables (yes, such kiasu-ism exhibited even in Saigon). I liked it not in a breathtaking manner...but at least, it showed Saigon in a different light. Modern, fast-moving and upmarket...23 storeys up.

Drinks are pretty decent and are priced the same way locally...which explains the mostly tourist crowd. 

Level 23
Sheraton Saigon

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