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L'Entrecote Revisited @ Duxton Hill

I have been revisiting a couple of places that I have been invited to for food particular those that I have raved about to see if they have been on par to what I have experienced previously. Back at L'Entrecote for dinner after I have been going on and on and on about the awesome steaks, fries, Poilane bread and dessert. That sounds that a complete meal and one for keeps.

They still do not take reservations in the cosy little place, I reached slightly before 7 to grab a seat. They have adopted the "Tim Ho Wan" way of seating many people - arranging the tables so close, everyone's business is your business...everyone's picture would include part of you somehow and getting in and out of your seat would require more tucking in than a Herve Ledger dress.


Drinks on the house, would have much preferred Royal Kir to this fruity-wine concoction.


I once praised their fresh Poilane bread to the skies, putting down L'Angelus too in comparison. This time round, bread was hard and barely warm. No butter either. Nowhere near crusty, chewy nor worldclass even. Refills, I could barely stomach.


Pate de Campagne ($14)
Delicious French Pork country-style pate served with crunchy pickled gherkins and grilled buttered Poilane Bread

Poilane bread here was well greased and crunchy, still dry unfortunately. I have to say the pate was delicious and gherkins are a really good accompaniment to it.


Steak ($29)

When you only put one mains up on the menu, it's a risk. It has to be bloody good, crudely. At least something that the kitchen is proud of and the chefs can whip up even with their eyes closed - to perfection. This attempt at their steak was stunning in a substandard manner. Portions significantly smaller than the last attempt and served lukewarm. What is the point of heating them aside if the dish is not piping hot? A tad tough at the edges but still tender in the middle. Unimpressive. Shoe string fries were thankfully crispy but nope, freeflow was either ignored or policy has changed.


Salad was still consistently good, alas! Both the partner and I were glad we opted for sharing of one mains. I cannot fathom how I would have eaten through two portions of it.


Tarte Tartin ($14)
Caramelised apple tart served with sour cream

Both Curtis Stone and L'Angelus made Tarte Tartin a must order every single time I spy it on the menu. And I did.


Another shot of the....horrific.

In a nutshell - astonishingly bad. Bitter mushy apples meets doughy flan and tart base. Nothing wrong with the flan (but aren't tarts supposed to have more bite?) but the bitter apples simply got to me. The waiter brushed it aside as normal. I usually do not pair my desserts with sour cream but this, made it better.


Floating Island ($14)
Poached egg white mousse, crispy caramel, grilled almonds and custard cream


In comparison, a galactical world of difference though not spectacular but arguably the best of the meal next to fries, salad and pate.


Mildly sweet, the egg white mousse was cotton candy soft while the custard cream went really well with it. I was distracted with the crispy caramel crown artwork made.

Service was slow, as hard as they tried. To give them the benefit of the doubt, the place was packed to bits. Getting the dessert menu was arduous, bill took ages...up to leaving, we had to move the table ourselves and see ourselves to the door even. I once declared this place tops over Les Bouchons maybe not anymore. I'm not too sure if tardy service and lacklustre food is a once off, just like the last spectacular meal could have been a hat trick. Disappointed, I am with L'Entrecote.

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  1. Whoops. So this is horrible tarte tartin you were referring to. Bitter apples eoiwww. I need vanilla bean ice cream for my apple tart unless it's really good on its own.

  2. yes! :( bitter apples are double ewwws...but theyre NOT the only ones with bitter apple tarts...did a compilation of them in an entry. *yikes!*

  3. For me, the most important component LOL of an apple tart, or ANY tart as a matter of fact, is the tart base or pastry shell. Once that part fails, all else FAIL. I am a tart hahaha.

  4. ahahha...that's pretty much how i judge my tarts too...though fillings do play an important role!