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Kem Bach Dang Icecream @ Ho Chi Minh

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bach dang icecream

Chanced upon Kem Bach Dang Ice-cream just opposite Saigon Center. Would have loved to try icecream from a roadside hawker but when you want can never find one!

more of the complimentaries

Within seconds of getting seated, a plate of pastries was served up.


The uber orange menu.


And promptly, glasses of ice-cold daffodil coloured tea gets served too. Wet napkins too.

Now, if you think this is all good service..there's a catch. All are chargeable but it does not end there! I was tempted to take a bite of the pastries which smelt like coconut pasties..UNTIL I saw the next table paying up and leaving behind one lonesome pastry. The waiter simply transferred the uneaten one to the plate to be served to the next table!

Probably nothing to be too shellshocked about but I wondered how many rounds did my plate of pastries go before arriving at my table. The mere thought of it was pretty disgusting.


Kem Bon Mui (60,000 VND)
Four Flavours Icecream 

Super old school with a paper umbrella stuck above.

The episode with the coconut pastries left me ignoring the strawberry above.


Coconut, strawberry, yam and green rice icecream all in one! Still adoring the crushed bits of coconut or yam or green rice churned in the icecream. The mild grainy texture gives the icecream alot more substance than cream. Loves it!

Unhygienic practices aside, icecream in Vietnam is no different than those in Singapore just that I love the real stuff being embedded the icecream more dimension than just artificial flavouring.

This is a tad less fanciful than Fanny's and not too bad. 

Kem Bach Dang

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  1. Coconut, strawberry, yam and green rice icecream. So <3! So envious of your travels... and ice creams.

  2. @ ice: *hee* icecream is mad love!!! there's so many places I wanna go still....i envy the air crew!