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Com Tam Moc @ Ho Chi Minh

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 com tam moc broken rice

Chanced upon for dinner. Vietnamese broken rice?

Wiki says com tam is a cooked rice from fragmented rice grains. Traditionally these are favoured by poorer consumers as it is cheaper.


Hanoi has an outlet too!


Two storey eating place.


Boxy lamps!

Getting my order taken was an experience of its own, especially when the waiter's grasp of the language is so limited. He gave me a look so pained, I felt bad speaking in a language so foreign. The beauty of it was, all I tried to do was order from the menu and made a clarification.

grilled pork x lap cheong x meat omelette

It was a set of broken rice with grilled preserved sausage, grilled pork and a vietnamese pork omelette.A fan of neither of the accompaniments as they were a tad sweet with the exception of the mushy pork omelette.

broken rice

Additional portion of broken rice for the ravenous.Broken rice tastes like the overcooked rice grains that sticks to the bottom of the rice pot. The rice is chewier and has more bite than usual but not like glutinous rice.

caramel flan

Vietnamese dessert of caramel flan. Overooked pudding in bitter caramel sauce, not a fan of it.

I concluded the meal promptly. Not quite a fan of broken rice somehow. It was a nice to try but that's it. Once off.

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