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Boniva Chocolatier @ Ho Chi Minh

boniva soft opening

I was thrilled to chance upon Boniva at its media launch one night. Imagine a small shop opening with tons of people clad in cocktail dresses and sipping champagne yet just opposite the street you'd find street hawkers and casual eateries. Quite un-befitting in terms of imagery.

boniva outside

Boniva follows the footsteps of Fanny's and Highlands Coffee being homegrown too. Sounds like Godiva?

While I was there, they were packing corporate orders...watching boxes of chocolates being filled was quite a pretty sight.

Mostly pralines and chocolate dipped fruit, I was glad to find a couple of whities in the rows of milk and dark chocolate pieces.


Takeaway haped like a handbag!

boniva chocs2

3 pieces at 10grams each. Roughly converted to SGD 1 each. For gourmet chocolates, these are quite a steal!

boniva chocs

Grape and Prunes

Raisins were their grapes.

Ginger Cream

I mistook it for the prune because of the fibrous filling.


The most obvious of the lot.

Found the white chocolate too sweet for comfort though the fullness of the milk could be tasted. As good as the belgian's? I doubt.

Boniva Chocolatier
91 Ly Tu Trong, P. Ben Thanh
District 1
Ho Chi Minh

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  1. I dont like the chocolate in this shop because its not a true chocolate organic With butter of cacao;
    Its a compound with fat grease and i dont understand why you make the promotion over this shop;
    The vietnam are having a very good cacao but its difficult to find good chocolate in this country;