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The Orange Lobster (Long Xia Zhou Zhi Jia) @ Orchard Central

The Orange Lobster...I can't help but giggle even typing this out. How more literal can it get? Anyhow, it was supposed to be a meal with a view...and we ended up sitting by the corridor to have our dinner. Talk about how quickly plans change sometimes. The issue I have about dining along the walkway or corridor or shared space between restaurants are exposed to wailing-bawling-sobbing kids, in that order..not forgetting rambunctious kids who treat the space as a playground.

table layout

Simple layout for a simple meal?

braised peanuts

Appetizer of braised peanuts.

lobster porridge

Chef's recommendation, for obvious reasons. The difference between the credit card promotion and the regular dish is a savings of $2.

lobster porridge1

Half a lobster simmered in the porridge broth. Succulent sweet flesh in a broth so flavourful...I love porridge cooked this way! Complete with whole rice grains. Yes, it lived up to its recommended status.

smoked duck soybean noodles

Smoked duck with Soybean Noodle

I'm not sure exactly what drew us to the dish...perhaps soybean noodle? It's a denser version than kuay teow..with the bite of jade noodle.

kurobuta pork

Yet another signature. Portions are a tad small though. Sweet-salty sticky sauce with slices of fatty pork. Not too sure about the korubuta origins but it was delicious.

sambal asparagus

Asparagus cooked in sambal belachan has to be one of the weirdest food choices made in awhile. Not sure what nudged me to choose the spicy option from the friendly list of stir fried oyster sauce and garlic. Not too bad, just different.

The Orange Lobster
Orchard Central

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