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Haagan Dazs Trail

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haagen dazs

Haagan Dazs prides itself for premium icecream and it probably is no longer the Rolls Royce of icecream anymore, though they still are in terms of pricing...but what always brings a smile is their creative festive creations.This is a sum of all the visits I clocked in over a couple of months.

royale fondue

Royal Fondue ($48)


Just in time for christmas, they decided to add a wee bit of sparkle to the season with an improved version of their $42 chocolate fondue by adding in items like brownies, marshmellows, kiwi and waffles. If it interests anyone, this comes with two sugar santa figurines as part of the festive setup.

icecream balls

Sixteen mini scoops of their signatures - belgium chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla rolled in nuts and caramel with biscuit.

The dipper plates surround the prized pot of melted chocolate. I had to break my chocolate ban for this - at least give this a try! Smooth and rich chocolate I must admit, pleasantly surprised at the quality chocolate used.


Reconnecting with the inner child.

fondue ball

Had much fun turning my icecream scoops into chocolate dipped balls. Ultimate decadence I must say.

Sushi ($22)

I remember clamouring to try this when it was first launched.

Icecream Creations

3 scoops come at $12.50 with add ons available ranging from waffles to waffle cones ($1.20) or cookies ($2) and a variety of wet and dry topping to go.

waffle basket

Ordered a frivolous basket to hold the scoops.


Chocolate chip cookie that would have fared better as a mix in or topping than served this way. No different from a Chipsmore cookie.

trio scoops

Creme Brulee

Adored the caramel jelly and sauce swirled in and crisp bits embedded. The favourite bit about this is the burnt caramel taste that lingered on quite pleasantly.

Caramel in Biscuit

All too sweet but the graham cracker did make this memorable.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A faourite after creme brulee, I thought this was quite a star on its own in terms of flavour.

Rum and Raisin

No brainrush.


Nothing to scream about though I wish the macadamia nuts were more evident.

Mango and Passionfruit

Nice one! Both fruity flavours complemented quite well infact.

Limited flavour was Green Tea and Hibiscus which was merely greentea with raspberry swirl, a tad sweet.


The favourites that I stick to - creme brulee, mango and passionfruit, macadamia nut.

Gateau Gallery (3 pcs for $25)

This range of icecreams have been around for quite awhile now. These are not available on an adhoc basis, at least for the visits there they were not available all the time. 

These are too pretty to eat!


Sweet Elegance
Classic Strawberry Cake

strawberry cheesecake

Like a cake.


Luscious Moment
Cookies and Cream icecream,  dark chocolate


Dome-shaped cuteness.


Macadamia Romance
Macadamia nut icecream, pink chocolate heart


The designs probably got the better of the icecream, the flavours were not obvious somehow. I thought the Macadamia Romance looked like a leftover from Valentine's.

The scoops of icecream seemed to have gotten smaller over the visits, not a fan of that.

platter top view

Sushi Platter ($22)


Mango and Passionfruit Sushi
Macadamia Nut Icecream, Mango and Passionfruit Icecream, Chocolate


Peach Gunkan
Vanilla Icecream, Peach, Chocolate

This was rightfully kiwi but they probably ran out of it.


Mango Sorbet Sushi
Vanilla Icecream, Mango Sorbet

Strawberry Gunkan 
Macadamia Nut Icecream, Strawberry, Chocolate

sushi platter

With apples to double up as avocadoes. I would have to credit their culinary team for thinking up such awesome replicas of the real McCoys. While it visually pleased, the taste was far from ideal. Mostly made of vanilla and macadamia nut icecream, the flavours did not pull off very well. Infact, discerning them was a difficulty.

One novel idea and that was it.

creme brulee cones

After all the icecreams, I declare myself a diehard creme brulee icecream fan.

I hate to discredit Haagan Dazs as a has been, competition is too tough to stand that tall and commanding above the rest. If anything, childhood dreams are made of these.

Haagan Dazs

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  1. wow, that is alot of ice creams for 1 visit!

  2. @FoodieFC: NAh! bill would have been unthinkable in that one seating...had it over a few months. :) I hear theyve got a high tea set with macarons...tempting much!