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Jiakpalang Eating House Revisited @ Alexandra

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I actually did not want to write about this - and it's just sad that Jiakpalang will be closing its shutters by the end of the month. My favourite chef, his amazing mod sin creations and the team that has made all this possible, SIGH.

And for the last time I'd be paying them a visit, we had a belly good time with all our favourites and more. It was Christmas and I guess with the restaurant not as packed as it should be, the logical business decision would be to cut further losses.


Truffle Fries with Gruyere Cheese ($12)

This was the reason why we fell in love with Chef Nixon's creations - I mean truffle fries are one too many and while I embrace truffle oil, he was the one who first made it huge with a massive platter with gold flakes too.

And I hope wherever he goes, this will be a signature still.


Korean fried chicken, reinterpreted with yet another portion of truffle fries.


I love my fried chicken, I do think that Korean fried chicken is pretty solid as comfort food but Jiakpalang's is just one of my favourites. None of the gunk that comes with fried chicken sometimes - meat, batter and a delicious sauce.


Szechuan Calamari with Chilli Mayo ($9) joins their stable of on point fried food dishes.


Bak Kut Teh Jelly with You Tiao ($10)

A playful tribute to our local delight, this is meat jelly served with crunchy dough fritters. Acquired, but so creative!


Dashi, Lotus Root and Daikon Soup ($8)

A rather odd choice to make but twas a comforting choice.


Plus, it does taste like a double boiled soup straight out of Grand mama's kitchen.


Har Jeong ($15)

I liked it the first time round and still loved it the second. Juicy, tasty and makes zichar less messy.


"Assam" Pulau Ubin Sea Bass ($17)

This is a personal favourite and I even converted more fans - the piquant gravy and clever balance of pineapples.


Salted Egg French Beans, Curry Leaves ($10)


Salted Egg French Beans, Curry Leaves ($10)

The vegetables were average though it could be our choices of two salted egg vegetable dish that made both same same and not different.


Charcoal Katarosu Pork Collar ($18)

My least favourite somehow of the string of dishes, smokey chewy pork slices but it missed out on some oomph.


"Ang Ji Gao" Stout Braised Beef Cheek ($19)

Braised beef in black stout, these flavourful tender ribs had a nutty finish too from both the mash and nuts.


"Saliva" Sous Vide Beef Brisket ($22)

Why didn't we try this so much earlier? Fragrant pot ingredients in a single dish.


Crispy Soft Shell Crab ($15)

Comes in three different flavours, salted egg curry leaves, homemade chilli crab and sarawak black pepper and clever us once again went for the default flavor of choice. Maybe salted crab is their nemesis, this did not work too well with me again.

Too ordinary for their team, somehow.


Crispy Pork Belly Platter ($13.90)

Sio bak  served with a trio of sauces - Dijon mustard, hawthorn cranberry compote, sweet pork sauce though I'd say the sio bak itself was satisfying on its own.


Ice-cream Sandwich ($7)

Paddle pop icecream made me smile and the team did a fantastic job bringing back those childhood memories of my unicorn coloured icecream stick.


Torched marshmellows, rainbow coloured bread and a scoop of unicorn icecream topped with sprinkles. Full marks for that walk down memory lane but the bread was too stiff.


Milo Dinosaur ($8) has been a favourite and if there's just one milo dessert that does justice to the energy drink, it has to be this.


Blackforest just because Chef remembered I wanted to try previously.

I wish there can be more support for budding chefs with an audacious appetite to change the dining landscape and it is a pity this chapter has to end this way for Jiakpalang and team.

To yummier adventures and more, cheers!

Jiakpalang Eating House
456 Alexandra Road
Fragrance Empire Building

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