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Guan Heong Biscuits

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A friend tipped me off on these suddenly highly sought after pastries, Guan Heong, established since 1918 and the oldest pastry in Ipoh New Town.

I was garang enough to book an order over the festive period, and then risk me not collecting my parcel at all and coming back empty handed. I guess that deserves a post of its own and the amazing service rendered by The Elements Kuala Lumpur.

Ordering was not as easy as I thought, via whatsapp and a string of voice messages later, I made my first remittance in ringgit. I maxed out the RM 2.40 shipping with 6 boxes and a top up for my phong pheah. 5.2 kilos it arrived, well packed and great to just check in as very fragile cargo, or if your muscles allow - cart it onboard!

Salted Egg With Meat Floss Biscuit (RM 27.90)

DSC_5551 These babies were the reason for an instagram trend - filled with salted egg, kaya and meat floss, amidst those flaky layers, I was in for a  tummy good time. It is almost strange how it would work but they did and I do foresee this a mid autumn favourite as a breath of fresh air!

DSC_5626 Phong Pheah (RM 8.80)

These were incredibly fresh and thankfully survived the delivery and the plane ride home with minimal cracks. I love my phong pheah regardless where they are sold in Malaysia - the sticky, sweet and that caramel finish to it. Om nom.

Do note their delivery charges - seems like booking a staycay in Malaysia is made sweeter too!

West Malaysia-

For delivery of 2 to 6 boxes is rm 18 and any additional one box is rm 2.40


East Malaysia-

Rm 25 for every 6 boxes


RM 120 for every 10 boxes

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