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Zoku moku arrives in Singapore!

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~Invited Session~ DSC_1750 I love Japan and the souvenirs. Infact, of all the countries visited, I count Japan as a favourite for souvenir haven. Everything is so "buy-able" and the edibles are all so nicely packaged.

Infact, I was acquainted with Zoku Moku for quite a long time and really, mention butter cigars I know which brand. Good news for fans who need not rely on Airfrov or beg favours out of friends travelling to Japan anymore! They have finally reached our shores and before their doors officially swing open in January 2018, there will be popups at Takashimaya and Ion Orchard before Christmas!


Cues a very collectible and reusable metal biscuit tin with a selection of confections - this is CNY gone luxe or Christmas gift stocking upsized!

I dived in straight for those cigars, buttery sweet crepe like confections. I love my butter cookies light and Zoku Moku is the brand, seriously.

The rest comprised of a medley of shortbread type confections, some coated in chocolate and others nuts.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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