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Panko Revisited @ Haji Lane

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Lunch hour is almost a curse for Haji Lane, it is so quiet I swear it does look like I booked the restaurant for a friend's birthday.


The benefit of having an empty restaurant is, our orders get fulfilled so fast! Here's chef deftly skewering our kushi katsu, breading them and then deepfrying.


Each set comes with with soup, pickles, kushikatsu and dessert! My kushi katsu set came with a side salad. I thought the chawanmushi was delicious except for the dubious gel glob that bothered me quite a fair bit.


Negitoro Don Set ($20) got me sold on the generous dollop of ikura roe! Not forgetting chopped tuna that makes any don oiishii. I am once again surprised how kushi katsu is their specialty yet the others are equally outstanding.


The selection given for the sets is slightly different from the kushi katsu set but who's complaining? Top notch skewers.


Assorted Kushi Katsu Set ($17) with six types of vegetables and meat. Of them all, prawn is my favourite, the umami flavours in every cautious bite - as delicious as it is, I had the feelers embedded in my gums (argh, a case of carelessness and gluttony).


My very instagrammable yet super legit lunch.


Vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce to wrap my lunch up.

Incredible value and they are running a promotion of a third lunch set on the house with every two purchased. #dontsaybojio

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