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Morganfields' Christmas Takeaway Feast 2017

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Mention Morganfields and chances are their signature sticky ribs come to mind - well, with a tagline of "Home of Sticky Bones", one cannot expect less.


Their full Christmas spread! Looks tantalizing already?


Morgan's Christmas Feast ($149.90)

Sharing Platter enough for 4 and more, actually. It's almost a full showcase of their festive menu with both flavours of the ribs, pork roast, sausages, salad, roasted vegetables.


These corn muffins could give Kenny Roger's a run for their money, if only they were not so sweet.






Cranberry Sticky Bones Full Slab – No Sides ($42.90)

Made with cranberries, this festive fruity sweet sauce is definitely going to make your Christmas an oinkingly jolly one!

Hazelnut Sticky Bones Full Slab – No Sides ($42.90)
Deliciously aromatic and savory courtesy of a glaze made from Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar beer

Made from Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar beer, this nutty one presents a different taste to ribs. Between the cranberry and hazelnut, both are equally delish and I actually liked both!


Cranberry Ham Salad ($15.90)
Shaved premium gammon ham on a bed of mesclun greens, drizzled with tangy cranberry dressing

I began my love affair with cured meat at cured ham and for the longest time until now, this remains my favourite sandwich stuffing. It's almost a no brainer that any dish with ham will be guaranteed delicious.


Candied Bacon ($9.90)

These maple syrup bacon bites are the bomb, it sure feels like Chinese New Year at Christmas with this.


As a tip, this goes awesomely well with their West Coast Lager!


Crispy Golden Pork ($13.90)

Siew yoke at Christmas? You bet I'll be raising my hands for this - or it seems that we are indeed merging the two biggest festive periods in one. Crispy, chunky and so addictive.


Crackling Pork Roast ($38.90)

Clearly for sharing and a case of having your pork and not sharing it!


Roast Chicken ($32.90)
Juicy and plump chicken, stuffed with Rosemary, onions, celery & carrots, Served with Roasted Potatoes. (1.4kg pre-cooked). 

I reckon Turkeys could be a tad passé, large roast chickens are in vogue and Morganfields' version is stuffed with rosemary, onions, celery, carrots and served with roasted potatoes.


And I leave you with a parting snap of the platter that fed us so well.

Orders to be made at least 4 hours in advance, unless otherwise stated and delivery charges apply. This applies to the Crackling Pork Roast, Roast Chickenm Morgan's Christmas Feast, Candied Bacon and Cranberry Ham Salad.

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