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Bangkok Jam @ Plaza Singapura

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I have to thank the Meet and Greet sessions at the shopping malls that have forced me to rethink my dining options - and I may have in the past shunned Bangkok Jam because I categorized them as "unauthentic" at some point. So here's me, eating my words because I needed that receipt to get my toddler a photo pass.


Prawn Cake ($10.50)

These breaded fried prawn cakes were juicy and I like that corn kernels are embedded for that added crunch


Minced Chicken with Basil ($11.90)

The roadside thai food quintessential, except we are seriously missing some chilli padis here and fish sauce. Otherwise, this was comforting nonetheless.


Grilled Chicken Thigh ($14.50)

Pricey for just grilled chicken without any carbs, yet the seasoning was on point and I like the sides of lime and ginger.


Olive Rice with Pork ($11.50)

This could definitely do with more olive vegetables yet, no complaints when the dishes tasted great with it.


Deep Fried Tofu and Long Beans ($9)

The sauce rendered the dish too sweet to finish, yet it inspired me to replicate at home!

Admittedly, I had very low expectations of Bangkok Jam's dishes and left feeling surprised. I'd be back for their desserts, crispy banana balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese and honey already sounds yummy!

Bangkok Jam
Plaza Singapura

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