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TKK Seafood @ Johor Bahru

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With a toddler in tow, we decided to heck my OCD and choose food over cleanliness. I mean it isn't the cleanest of places, neither is it the dirtiest. For a fact, I was probably the most cautious mother in the restaurant whilst the rest were completely at ease with their children in rusty baby chairs.



Lala Mee Hun (RM 30)

Steamed Jin Mu Lu (RM 36)


Salted Egg Cray Fish (RM 54)


Baby Sotong (RM 20)

Vegetable (RM 10)


Fried Fish (RM 48)

Thank god for my baby carrier that obviously saved the day and I had a decent meal for this post! We stuck with mostly our favourites and dropped the crab, replacing it with deshelled crayfish. That was probably the best decision ever - eating the flesh bathed in salted egg gravy is shiok factor in its highest form.

Their fishes are so fresh, steamed or fried I am a humongous fan of.

TKK oh TKK, you never fail to amaze me every single visit. Did I already mention they are opened 365 days a year, no rest. That is some serious dedication to food.

Restaurant TKK
Lot 684 Kampung Teluk Jawa

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  1. Hey Thanks for sharing in this detailed blog,They looks cool,but i highly doubt that i can eat those dishes,not a huge fan of sea food but surely give it a shot, i'm more excited about Lego Land its so cool and beautiful i have to say.i read it in this article and what about hotel costs there? are they affordable?

    1. Hi! thanks for reading, for LEGOLAND hotels, they are definitely more pricey than the city hotels. I've stayed in both very affordable boutique ones as well as Renaissance and Doubletree Hilton. Ranges about SGD 100 onwards for the abovementioned options. So depending on your budget, you'd find someplace that fits and can still visit LEGOLAND!