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Bakerzin's Christmas De La Perfecto wows this Christmas!

~Invited Session~


Orchard Road lights and decorations are up and the malls are blasting Christmas does feel like the time of the year again! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, not just for food or planned holidays but the whole vibe to it...that the year is over and it's time to really sit back, unwind and reflect over good food. I like how it all falls into place and with our priorities shifted, our resident cook has taken a seat back and let the professionals handle our Christmas meals.

How awesome is Bakerzin also on the festive takeaway bandwagon? They have a Bakerzin Christmas de la Perfecto Takeaway menu with the dishes featured below and more!


Gochujang Capon Chicken ($46)

Homecooks will know how much love goes into cooking a bird, especially the Turkey. It's Butter Ball and no brand else for our family and seeing how the Mom toils over the oven and perfecting the Turkey makes such fond Christmas memories.

Yet, Turkeys are only great for big family gatherings otherwise, it'd be numerous meals of the same for days after! Literally 12 days of Christmas I muse.

Bakerzin's Gochujang Capon Chicken is a fusion dish, marrying Korean elements into the sauce with a plump poultry. At approximately 1.8kg after baking, it is enough for 10 nicely. The aromatic bird is stuffed with minced chicken, herbs and spices and serviced with both gochujang and raisin sauce.


avoury King's Bread Sausage and Cheese (Chilli Spice) ($24)


While I've seen King's Bread on shelves but I've not tried it till now. Brioche based, this fluffy number is specked with ham, cheese and spiced with dried chillies! Great for the local palette and even the Dad who is not usually a bread lover was going for seconds.


Coconut Passion Yule Log ($62, 800g)


I'm not sure about you but chocolate log cakes are a dime too many and of late, not everyone is a chocolate logcake fan either. Hence, alternative flavours are always welcomed.

DSC_0087 DSC_0079

Sold on coconut, this whipped cream frosted logcake is perfect for white christmas. There is dessicated coconut bits with a tangy sweet passion fruit cream, I like how light this is and guiltlessly so as well!


Festive Macarons "Sant a Buttons" ($12, 6 pcs)

Sold in 6's and a medley of toothsome flavours; lemon, chocolate cinnamon and salted caramel. These cute buttons are a guaranteed with the children and fits the festive theme to a T.

Takeaway sets begin at $89 for 4-6pax.

The Christmas De La Perfecto family of savouries, pastries and Christmas log cakes will be available for pre-orders from 16 November 2017 onwards at all Bakerzin outlets and

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