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Unlisted Collab: Salted and Hung x Rhoda HK

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Being such a huge Unlisted Collections fan, this collaboration between Salted and Hung Singapore and Rhoda Hong Kong was just too good to miss. So on the opening night, we scored seats and was totally looking forward all week.



Pig Head, Pickles, Beetroot

Sold on pig's head, the croquette fell short of expectations with a predictable terrine stuffing  though the pickles and beetroot were outstanding.


Smoked Eggplant, Fourme D'Ambert, Fresh Honeycomb

A mild flavoured yet appetizing start. I guess cheese anything gets me on board.


Kangaroo Tartar, Egg Yolk, Black Fungus

The disadvantage of being such a Salted and Hung fan means their already stellar dishes are basic in a collaboration like this. I've had the tartar before and while it was good, up against the ox tongue, I clearly switched sides.


Ox Tongue Tonnato, Garlic Croutons and Capers

On several accounts I have had several similar tasting dishes elsewhere - tuna mayo is afterall the best sandwich filling anyone can get. Yet, the ox tongue slices, garlic croutons and of course tuna made it a guiltless sandwich without bread - well you get the drift and I'm not sure about you but licking off the remnants off the jar or knife (albeit dangerous) is most satisfying.


Squid "Pasta" Ink Sauce and Bottarga

I'm loving the way meal progressed without the typical carb dishes - here we have squid disguised as pasta and doused in squid ink sauce and topped with bottarga. Crazy tender oodles and I'd gladly exchange my squid ink pastas for this.


Whole Scallop, Miso Butter and Yuzu Crumb

This smelt amazing and it had to be the combination of miso butter and yuzu crumb. I love how the scallop is not cooked well done and that retained the sweetness and tenderness of the scallop, otherwise I'd be dealing with a rubbery and super bouncy scallop. That said, perfect yuzu crumb and a droolicious miso butter topping. SO yummy.


Rump Cap, Nasturtium and Aged Carrot


Beer Braised Short Rib, Cauliflower and Pickled Onions

The battle of the beef. It was a case of a bloody chunk versus a braised thick in syrupy gravy and while I adore beef and almost all edible parts of the cow, the rump cap was my winner for this duel. Charred beautifully, the juices were flowing and the aged carrot made me rethink my relationships with carrots in general. Life changing to some extent, actually.


The only glass that I adored of the wine pairing, really because this was like moscato and better! Pitchfork 2014.


Smoked Cream, Hazelnut and Fermented Honey

A panna cotta cigar was presented alongside nuts and honey, it reminded me of a more solidified verison of well, panna cotta.


Vanilla Cheese Cake and Port Glazed Figs

I guess they saved the best for last though I admit eyeing this very surreptitiously. Holymoley molten cheese cake and them port soaked figs. I love my cheesecakes but having them take on a wobblier and Jell-O texture was a whole new game and yes, loved it to the cheese-moon and back.


There were hits and misses and while I did wish they ended off with their gorgeous caramel bacon cookies, it was a door opener to the other collaborations they have in future. Plus, I am already sold on Rhoda Hong Kong. SO please wait up for me!

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