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Floral Garage springs a surprise!

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Florals play a huge part of my life, both as a recipient and gifter to dear ones. Now, as easy as it is these days to book a bouquet and get it at a snap of the finger, I have been challenged by my own Mom on occasions I want to surprise her with - she is not a fan of us paying for expensive bouquets. Like, what. Such a romance killer and I guess that gets my Dad off the hook all the time!

Floral Garage operates mainly online and has been sending bouquets of love for the last 2 years and counting! They offer a whole range of products including flower bouquets (bespoke and pre-set!), hampers, condolence and congratulatory stands too.

Sending a surprise with Floral Garage was as easy as they claim. I specified my preferred delivery timeslot for 2-5pm and it was delivered as promised. Clearly I have had enough surprises ruined because of the delivery and nothing is as frustrating as waiting on the surprise and fretting over it when really, why am I even feeling all of this when I am paying for service!


Delightful Vegetables ($49.90)

Floral Garage is possible the few florists who do vegetable bouquets and this brought us so much laughter - and my mom texted me almost furiously at work - "Why you buy vegetables!"


Unique and almost an instant talking point, this is a combination of peppers, brinjals, broccoli and even lemon halves for that citrusy scent. At point of writing, they will be cooked for dinner and I look forward to having my vegetables and eating them tonight.

I love how novel the concept is - promising no wastage of "flowers" at all!


Roses in Box ($44.90)

Roses are red, violets are blue...I could not resist getting a box just to please the Mom after pulling a prank with the vegetable bouquet.


I love freshly bloomed roses best, that fullness of the rose makes the bouquet so alluring just to look at. Plus! It comes in such a collectible box. My mom has grand plans on using it for other purposes after they dry up!

What I love about their delivery?

Same Day Delivery come at a standard charge of $9.70 which is super! I remember thinking of sending a congratulatory floral basket to a dear friend before and I was restricted by the order date and time, and what if the florals arrived when the patient is discharged?

Specific Time Delivery is another huge bonus! At just $30 more, timing is everything and trust me, I'd be sure to use this special service if the schedule of my recipient is so tight!

Floral Garage very generously made this birthday extra hilarious and intimate this year, so big thank you to the team!
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