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Bornga Revisited @ City Square

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I have been pampered by the prices at Bornga JB that I have not bothered with visiting Bornga back home. This was pretty much the xth visit and I have clearly lost count which. Late lunches always work for us because the queues are non existent and service is a lot faster.

We had the usual suspects and really the menu is horribly limited if barbecue is not opted for.


I cannot go wrong with bulgogi and chicken is perhaps safest since the meat will not be overcooked on the hotplate.


Lettuce for wrapping the grilled meat in. The best thing about Korean meals is there are plenty of greens and I always feel less guilty eating Korean.


Bean paste stew that was the beginning of our sweet sorrows. Enoki mushrooms particularly are exceptionally sweet.


Mung bean noodles tossed in sweet sauce but what made it delicious was the jelly like texture of the noodles.


More stews but this was forgettable.


The surprising sweet finish with a tangy finish.

It may have been our choices and an overdose of kimchi but we all felt standards have dropped this visit. I guess it is time to look for other Korean options!

City Square

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