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Another bespoke cake by Twentysevenbyrachel

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I knew somehow, somewhere and someday I will be checking off all cake flavours on Rachel's menu - talk about being an ardent fan. Jokes aside, when I first saw this design on her feed I knew that it was the cake I wanted and all other designs I was considering were clearly out of the window because she nailed it so beautifully!

And that's the thing with inspired cakes because they are same same but different and hardly 100% the same as I have at the back of my mind.

Since when did buying a cake morph into such a complex process, huh?

My brief to her was erm, girly, whimsical and pastel-ly and  doesn't she look gorgeous?


Anyway design selected and it came to cake flavor - almost no brainer here because the birthday girl adores chocolate to death. How aptly was this named death by chocolate! Her best seller infact, so moist, rich, dark and...truly death by chocolate it promised.

I cannot stop starring at the cross section, to think the icecream scoop was a cakepop in disguise and look at those lines around the cake. Precision is something I cannot handle - I'm horrible at that myself.


In its full dark and dripping glory, may I present a slice of heaven. Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce. Moist, calorie laden and best cake of 2017.

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