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TW Original Cake @ City Square

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The craze over Taiwanese egg sponge cakes have also crossed the causeway and caused quite a frenzy - think 5 hour queues just for the famous light as sponge cakes and spun off several brands too.

Within City Square itself, there are at least 3 outlets selling these famed cakes and Original Cake had the longest queues which lasted all of 15 minutes.

Measured to precision, not an inch more or less.

Good lord.



Each are measured to precision and boxed. Plastic Bag (RM 0.20) are dished out accordingly too!


Original Cake (RM 15.20)

Light, fluffy and it tasted more of egg than cake to be fair. Moderately sweet and the fluffiness was the key selling point of this slab of sponge heaven.

Best eaten hot and within the day of purchase, have I begun an egg cake trail?

TW Original Cake
City Square Third Floor

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