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Sashimi cake @ Teppei

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With the Hubba's birthday just around the corner, I thought we had a different kind of cake this year. One that he would not turn squeamish over too much cream, sugar, undesired cute things that made his cake more of mine than his. 

So then, sashimi cake it would be! Nothing new yet with the exception of making my own from scratch, or putting together one with many takeaway kaisen dons, finding a restaurant that sells sashimi cake was almost non existent. 

Teppei came to mind very randomly one Teppei lunch and I made my order way in advance (2 weeks instead of the 1 day advanced notice required). I paid up and went promptly to collect my order only to be told it was not ready. 


A grand total of 20 minutes later and a ticking clock - clearly I had my own schedules to keep to and thank goodness I was not about to spring a surprise with decor and all. I finally got my sashimi cake that was barely chilled.

With no time to fuss, I made it home, managed to stick a candle in the cake and sing a feeble birthday song without any element of surprise.   

I wish things were executed with more control of time, but that's how birthdays are right? With a huff and a puff, we all laughed merrily and tucked into a lukewarm sashimi cake that was actually really tasty. 

This feeds 4 comfortably with other dishes of course, minced tuna, scallops, salmon cubes and also shell fish made up this panko crusted rice don.Truly, this was a huge kaisendon. $40 and 4 satisfied bellies, I may just consider the $60 and $80 in future (but definitely calling them up to remind them about my order!) that comes with more sea urchin! Otherwise, one can also load up the Omega 3 with any visit to Japanese takeaway stores. 

Happy birthday my love, I love you more than this sashimi cake!

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