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DPS - SIN: Singapore Airlines

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Our return flight was a mid day flight, especially with baby in tow and unlike the flight to Denpasar, we scored seats by the window and a bassinet without having strangers sitting in the same row. We were not offered the bassinet until asked and thanks to an uncooperative baby, the bassinet ended up being used to store our meals till either of us had eaten.


Chicken meal with a bland looking herb rub and over steamed vegetables. Blah, would be the right term for this.


In comparison the fish meal had alot more to offer though the vegetables were still oversteamed.


Hard and stringy rice vermicelli.


And an overly sweet and soggy chocolate cake.


Their baby meal with Bellamys teether pegs and a couple of baby food jars.

I was more thankful to survive the plane ride with a fussy baby than to fuss over the food served - the life of a parent eh?

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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