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[Discount Code!] Superior Bird's Nest and Chia Seeds

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~Invited Session~


Chia seeds, the legendary superfood, is commonly believed to aid heart and digestive health, stabilise blood sugar and maintain stronger bones and teeth. They are great for cleansing and detoxing; however, they are not commonly used in cooking. So I was game to see how it could be incorporated into Chinese dishes.

I met Freddy Yap, CEO of Superior Foods, who through his own personal struggle with health throughout the years led to him taking chia seeds regularly. His recovery and further personal research convinced him that chia seeds were not only very beneficial for health, but for beauty and weight loss as well. He started Superior brand to bring its benefits to the masses.

A personal ethos of Freddy is that building a brand with a strong reputation and a business with integrity is paramount. He believes in that taking care of your body, mind and spirit, you can in turn, take care of others through your business.

Superior Chia seeds is a blend of five different varieties to maximise its nutritional value. There are more than 30 varieties of chia, beyond just the commonly found black or white chia.  

The seeds are micro-sliced, as opposed to the common technique of milling and grinding. Superior uses a special micro-slicing technique to prevent denaturing of the goodness of chia and to ensure that the body can absorb it better.

Thanks to the folks at YAN at National Gallery, we tried some dishes that incorporated chia seeds as an ingredient:


Charcoal Roasted BBQ Spare Rib and Jellyfish Head


Fragrant Rice Soup with Chia Seeds & Crab Meat


Sauteed Grouper Fillet with Black Garlic and Asparagus


Double-boiled Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar


Superior Foods' other speciality is in bird's nests products.
Superior Foods' only sells bird nests that are cleaned manually cleaned manually by hand, using only distilled water, as opposed to the ones on the market that are either yellow (which means they have bird feces residue in them) or bleached to a white consistency. They are also treated with UV light for a last stage of sterilisation, to ensure the highest food safety and quality.


Consumers can purchase bird’s nest products conveniently via Superior Foods' website as well.

The double boiled bird’s nest, S$158, (1 container contains 2 servings) is made by soaking dried bird’s nest in boiling water for an hour, and gently double-boiled for another hour before being sweetened with natural rock sugar. We tried this and it was very lightly sweetened, much to my liking.

Customers can also choose their preferred level of sweetness when ordering online. Each order of double boiled bird’s nest is delivered to your doorstop in a porcelain vacuum flask, which represents a lot of value for the money you are paying.

You could also purchase Superior Foods' dried bird’s nests, from the website. The texture of the bird's nests after cooking is springy, and slightly chewy, meaning that it can be used in many forms of cooking, including desserts.

And from now till end of May, you can enjoy 10% off your final cart purchases when you visit to place orders for bird’s nest or chia seeds, and other products too. Simply input the code 'super0531' upon checking out. Delivery can be made within 48 hours and is free for all orders above $75.

Enjoy eating and living healthily, the Superior Foods way!

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