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VLV @ Clarke Quay

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~Invited Session~


VLV replaces Forbidden City (I sound almost archaic typing this but auntie here spent some really good times and late nights at FC way before they shut their doors) with a brand new experience. No more terracotta soldiers lurking around.


The ground floor and alfresco dining area has been set aside for toasting to the disco ball or sundown where as the second floor offers a more intimate dining experience overlooking the river view.


Second floor view. 




Chef brings with him a host of experience from renown dining establishments in the dining scene, largely influenced by Cantonese cuisine that he has been honing his craft in and this was seen in his choices for the menu.


Abacus seeds were served as an amuse bouche, a reminder of the lost heritage and I thought it was rather interesting to reconnect with the Hakka traditions.


Trio Appetiser
Crackling Pork Belly, Kagoshima Kurobuta Char Siew, Crab Meat Salsa with Charcoal Bread



The roasts were spot on delicious, I particularly enjoyed the char and sticky char siew.


Poached Ocean Fish with Fresh Sichuan Peppercorn in Clear Soup

I had my heart and mind and even tastebuds ready for a wholesome and comforting bowl of fish soup, except this packed a spicy finish. I would not mind rainy days that much if it came with this clear fish soup!


Mint Lychee Sorbet



If you get lucky with the sommelier, a dash of "Lucky potion" would just do the trick for this already palette cleansing course. Perfect if the lingering flavours of peppercorn is not quite your thing.


Steamed Lobster with Egg White and Bonito

This was a creative take on chawanmushi and lobster with an ingenious usage of bonito and dashi stock to marry Japanese into the dish.

Also on the menu were the Roasted Pork Belly Braised Noodle with XO Sauce and Egg Waffles with Berried and Black Sesame Ice Cream which I did not have time for. A pity these are not available on the ala carte menu so you have to order the set to savour them!


VLV was named for us to define our own experiences with them and I am already liking what I experienced.

$68++, min 2 person

3A River Valley Road #01-02

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