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The Garden Slug Revisited @ Telok Kurau

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It must have been a bout of laziness that sparked off a series of visits to the eateries nearby. Back to The Garden Slug on a lazy Sunday for some hearty fare.


We were met with an eatery full of likeminded diners which was already a tell tale sign for slower service and possibly a less optimal experience.

For a start, the frazzled service guy was like a headless chicken running all over the place trying to attend to every table at once and we were chucked aside with a menu. After three feeble attempts, a kind yet equally busy lady took our orders.


Tom Yum Pasta Vongole ($19.50)
Steamed clams and linguine tossed in a briny, winey broth of lime leaves, lemongrass, chilli padi and ginger spice

I was impressed with their Mai Hum Mee Siam and returned for Miss Thailand but was sorely disappointed. The first attempt lacked seasoning, the kitchen very kindly re-seasoned it for us. 


Noodles were already far from al dente by the time they returned with some taste at least. Too heavy on lemongrass and no other Thai flavours exhibited. 


Veggie Fry Up ($7.90)

Even these greens were better.


Roti Johnson ($17.90)
An open-faced, crumbled pork and beef cheeseburger, Roti John style! Chili eggs, gooey mozzarella, creamy parmesan, drunken onions & Sriracha aioli.

Looking not like much but this was a close spot on take on my favourite Roti John. My best memory of Roti John was from that stall from the now demolished food center nearby Gleneagles, it wasn't anything fancy just egg smothered toast and panfried before being served with the conspicuously red chilli sauce.

At least the sandwiches fared better than their pastas this visit.

I would recommend choosing a less crowded time to visit, else risk less than optimal meals and experiences.

The Garden Slug
55 Lor L Telok Kurau

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