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Ocean to Plate: Seafood Extravaganza @ Marriott Cafe

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~Invited Session~



This March heralds a brand new season for buffets all around Singapore - and Seafood is the name of the game with 50 irresistible seafood specials at Marriott Cafe. In their ocean to plate extravaganza, guests can look forward to a medley of seafood creations on top of their tantalizing international delights.


Clam Chowder

This creamy number gave the cassolette a run for its money, except this was really tasty and a word of advise - dig deep for those plump clams!


Seafood on Ice


Boston lobsters, crayfish, prawns and oysters made this selection tick.


This is the main selection that gets everyone excited because in the minds of consumers, these high ticket items would make the buffet worthwhile. Yes and no to that because how many lobsters can I eat anyway? That said, the selection of oysters come from a number of regions and the dips that came with the seafood made me spoilt for choice.


Gratinated French Seafood and Fish Cassolette

Cheese and seafood with a bean broth can never quite go wrong and in this case proved to be the single best selling dish on their menu for me. Pair it with crusty bread, I could eat this for the rest of the buffet.


Sauteed Scallop Caramelized Onion and Chorizo


Assorted Grilled Seafood Skewers

Instead of pork and beef on a satay, there are seafood and vegetables!


Seafood Bouillabaisse

Made with fish stock, flavour was rich but still lacking when placed next to the cassolette - I have a bias towards the latter though this was a really legit version of bouillabaisse.


A couple of other seafood dishes were specially prepared by the chef to tantalize our tastebuds too - these cheese oysters were a treat!

On top of their march special menu, their existing buffet menu still applies. 




The pasta station is a favourite, with the chefs whipping up anything from cream pastas to aglio olio!





Dinner buffet at Marriott Cafe by far ranks a favourite between their lunch, high tea and dinner. The variety is way more substantial too.

Marriott Cafe
Seafood Galore Dinner Buffet
6.30pm to 10.00pm
1 to 15 March 2017

Adult: $88++ per person

Child: $44++ per person

Marriott Cafe
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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