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CNY 2017: Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

~Invited Session~


With January hot on the heels of December, that would only mean one thing. We are almost ready to usher in the Year of the Rooster and bid goodbye to the Monkey. 


Sour plum juice is always such a refreshing beverage, especially in times of gluttony. 


生 ($888, 30 pax)

Fortune 3D Fiery Rooster Yu Sheng with Kanpachi, Abalone, Salmon and Crispy Fish Skin







Chef Ku Keung is once again the mastermind behind this stunning display befitting of the Fiery Rooster - spot the 3D roosters, chickadees and even 4D numbers embedded! The theatrics of smashing the fiery rooster for golden eggs within are also included in the fanfare, on top of a synchronized poetic and auspicious recital of new year greetings.


One for the auspicious year ahead.


鸭 ($80, whole duck)

Signature Roast London Duck

Served three ways - the peking duck wrap with dried tau pok and sliced fatty duck. Both versions showcased the fattiness of the duck and succulence of the meat.


参 ($88, 2-4 pax)

Braised Sea Cucumber stuffed with Minced Shrimp and Pork


This classic CNY dish was given a brand new interpretation - with minced shrimp and pork rolled into this toothsome delicacy, almost like ngoh hiang upsized and gone upmarket!


西 花 ($38, 2-4 pax)

Stir-fried Broccoli topped with Scallop and Egg White

Another beautiful masterpiece with a yam chip sphere, broccoli florets and scallops with eggwhite  served separately.


虾 ($38)

‘Bi Feng Tang’ Golden Half Lobster with Spiced Almond Flakes

Go luxe, or go home with Golden Peony's menu. These lobsters are coated in a delicious batter and deepfried - I particularly enjoyed those lobster nuggets, saves me the embarrassment of deshelling the lobster and fighting with the cutlery.


寿 猪 ($338, whole)

Whole Roast Suckling Pig with California Maki


Last year's memorable suckling pig with hainanese chicken rice has made a return with a greater and more creative vengeance - california maki and pickled japanese rice stuffing!



That crispy skin was enough to keep those keropok cravings at bay and creative twist with japanese sushi and rice gave strong competition to lotus leaf glutinous rice.


* ($28)

Golden Egg Bird’s Nest Jelly


Chef Ku joked about going crazy with his ideas and this was a result of several sleepless nights - a enthralling presentation of cotton candy, sugar art and a melt in the mouth bird's nest jelly.


While it reminded me very much of osmanthus jelly, the amount of effort that went into the dessert itself is worth a mention. Loved the creativity and flavours here, a breath of fresh air from the usual auspicious sounding nian gao!

( )

Fried ‘Nian Gao’ with Sweet Potato and Yam

For good luck, this is a must have. Sticky rice cake sandwiched between yam and sweet potato

Have you booked your tables for CNY yet?  

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Conrad Centennial Singapore  

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