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Tsuta @ Pacific Plaza

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~Invited Session~


Tsuta, the world's only Michelin starred ramen eatery swung open its doors yesterday at Pacific Plaza and Singapore is its first ever overseas branch. Recently awarded only in 2015, queues at both their Tokyo outlet and Singapore has been brisk. Word has it that diners begin queuing outside the flagship dutifully at 6am for a ticket to dine at the nine-seater later during the day. With a limited 150 bowls a day, it is no wonder tickets are long given out before the door are even open at 11am.


With the Singapore outlet, the bowls are limited to 250 and seating capacity doubled to 18.


We are becoming like Japan where food ordering requires little or zero interaction with people and at Tstuta, everything is handled by the machine which purportedly takes just a minute of your time (if fickle pickle is not your middle name), once the order cheat is generated just wait for a seat and food will be served!


The menu is kept simple - focusing on just ramen and rice. The soy base is created from a special blend of shoyu formulated in-house, dashi stock made with whole chickens, vegetables, clams and other seafood ingredients to bring the umami flavours.


Char Siu Ajiama Shoyu Soba ($22.80)
Char Siu, Bamboo Shoot, Leek, Flavoured Egg, Truffle Pureed in Truffle Oil


Char Siu Ajiama Shio Soba ($22.80)
Char Siu, Bamboo Shoot, Leek, Flavoured Egg, Green Olives Pureed in Truffle Oil

Diners get a choice of Shio or Shoyu for their soba noodles! In Japan, there is a clear divide in choices of the genders - males prefer shoyu and ladies shio. Personally I lean towards the shio for the clear tasting and light broth. The shoyu was a tad heavy tasting for me though the truffle puree and truffle fragrance is a highlight.


Each bowl features 100 grams of handmade noodles, perfected by a special blend of whole wheat and whole grains for that springy texture.


Those char siu slices are deliberately kept to 4mm in thickness for just the right bite, thoughtful move methinks. And, they are unlike the rest that disintegrates easily from the fat, each slice is uniformly delicious and compact. 


Meet the michelin starred egg which is the highlight of any ramen dish - glistening golden yolk.






Watching the ramen chefs in action is therapeutic, things move so fast and in such a coordinated fashion.

They say the first 10 minutes is the best time to enjoy the bowl of piping hot noodles and I cannot agree more.


Miso soba will be introduced at a later date - stay tuned! Michelin star or not, Tstuta brings about a noodle revolution - tonkotsu ramen faces some serious competition here! Until then, this is the most instagramable for the year.

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