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Tien Court Revisited @ Copthorne King Singapore

My experiences with Tien Court have been mixed so far - save for the super outstanding media session. The ala carte options were less than outstanding but I gave their dimsum another go, anyhow!

The dimsum menu is refreshed on a monthly basis so eat it while you can - some may reprise months later but you never quite know!


I paid them two visits across two months and each visit saw a different appetizer. These beancurd noodles were mega delicious - mildly pickled and slurpworthy!


The other appetizer proved very easy to replicate at home - cucumbers and garlic! 


Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Bamboo Shoots ($6.30)

Bamboo shoots gave this extra crunch which was a lovely addition to the otherwise common har gow.


Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumpling ($6.30)

Equally juicy was this staple of pork and prawn dumpling.


Mushroom Dumpling ($6.30)

This was the featured dimsum on their flyer and that got me interested, loved the mushroom and vegetable stuffing in this chewy dimsum skin. 


Steamed Minced Duck in Charcoal Bun ($5.80)

And leaned over to the dark side I did with these charcoal buns.


The colour of the buns were a draw and the savoury minced duck stuffing was a breath of fresh air as compared to the usual pork or vegetable fillings.


Steamed Rice Roll with Barbecue Pork Filling ($6.30)


Steamed Rice Roll with Prawns and Chives ($6.30)

Their rice rolls were attempted on both occasions and I'd say the barbecue pork version was tastier. The crunchy prawns were an overkill with too many similar dimsum items with these prawns. I like that these rice rolls came with a side of greens.


Pan-fried Carrot Cake with Dried Scallop ($5.80)

Dried scallops made the dish tick, perfect with their bean paste chilli sauce.


Crispy Fried Beancurd Roll stuffed with Prawns and Chives ($6.30)

This was more of a fritter than fried beancurd roll that ended up a tad too oily. 


Deep Fried Cheese Ball with Prawn ($6.30)


Sold by the cheese that was cream more than mozzarella - none of the expected stringy cheese shots that would make one drool.


Deep-Fried Duck Meat Dumpling with Yam Paste ($5.80)


Duck made a reappearance in a yam croquette, none too obvious and the pau version was better in my opinion.


Deep-Fried Pumpkin with Sweet Potato ($6)


The pumpkin shaped pastries stuffed with sweet potato made for a good halloween dessert, except there was none of the gore related to the festival. Loved the ingenuity!


Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun ($6.30)

Well, a char siew pau is a char siew pau? This pau was more of the fluffy kind with a sticky sauce char siew filling within.


Chengdu Pork

This was just like siew yoke without the fats and paired with garlic chips and cucumber. Not quite the usual pairing for pork but this was really one unexpectedly good dish.


Deep-Fried Waffle Roll with Prawn and Banana ($5.80)

Who'd have thought prawns and bananas go so well together - and they do, like peanut butter and bananas too.


Steamed Pandan Lava Buns Flavoured with Salted Egg ($5.80)

Sold on pandan, the fragrance is incredible and paired with salted egg brings a whole new dimension of yum to the hot fad of molten lava buns.


All that flowy goodness!


Fried Rice with Salted Egg and Olives

This time round, this checked all the boxes of fried rice paradise for me albeit on the sweet side with those olives. Loved how each grain was coated with the salted egg marinate and the generous scattering of seafood.


Yam Paste

This tiny bowl made me laugh - the size of my palm and I was wondering if it would be worth the calories. Velvety smooth yam paste studded with yam pieces, gingko nuts, pumpkin cubes and lathered with a layer of lard. Awesome stuff, I concluded as I licked my spoon clean. The balance was delicate and truly, quality over quantity anytime.

Dimsum at Tien Court proved to be a more worthy experience than the ala carte, worth a revisit except word does get out that food is good and ambience great.

Tien Court
Copthorne King Hotel

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