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Salted and Hung @ Purvis Street

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For the longest time, the moniker piqued my interest - an Australian concept with casual vibes and focused on in-house curing and grilling. If that was not interesting enough, they specialize in a luscious array of cuts from various parts of the animal.

Aye, Salted and Hung I was already sold before going.

We were game enough to head for the set to get a taste of everything. The dishes showcased were cooked using a number of techniques - from smoked brined cured, roasted, fermented fried braised, grilled seared charred and frozen churned and baked.


Oysters and sea grapes as appetizers, loving this aprodisac-ish start already! 


Charcuterie Board

Somehow charcuterie boards hardly impress, at least those that I have eaten before. Until this platter - from the duck proscuitto to the pork loin, each of them wowed differently. Plenty of promise for their cured section in particular and things were definitely off to a great start.


Not to mention those cumin crackers that made everything lathered on crazy delicious.


Wiped clean. 


Hamachi Collar
Soy, Lardo, Kale Puree

While part of me was apprehensive towards the collar, I probably only had enough hamachi sashimi to think that was the best part of it. And in the most characteristic manner, the collar definitely was the most underrated part of it. Meaty, perfectly grilled and catapulted me into fan girl status. What are the odds of not being a fan of fish and loving this hamachi collar?


Horseradish Creme, Nori, Radish

Fish business continues with this beautifully charred mackerel, loved the savoury and sour nuances and contrast with the horseradish spiciness.

Spiced Cheese, Manchego, Chives

Made for nibbling, this made street food look so good.


Burnt Butter Tahini, Pacalili, Dandelion

Between cauliflower and broccoli, I would consider myself a bigger fan of the latter. Burnt cauliflower florets turned out to be the yummiest way to cook the otherwise very bland tasting vegetable. Crunchy with hints of butter and that was all - what in the world really because I ended up loving cauliflower. Well only at Salted and Hung.


Pickled Beetroot, Blood Orange Creme, Juniper Crumbs

First up, I was already squeamish at the mention of kangaroo meat, and then sashimi. Cue - halloween shrieks and yells. I would not immediately hop onto the bandwagon and declare kangaroo sashimi the best way to consume the furry friendly animal but it was just like any other red meat raw. Chewy and juicy and made palatable with pickles and citrusy hints.


Beef Tongue
Pickled Onions, Shallot Crisp, Wasabi Mayo

Since the day I was introduced to beef tongue, I have not looked back. Incredibly tender with bursts of sour and tongue tingling spiciness. Very addictive and on a separate note, the cow's tongue is so long!


Tongarashi, Szechuan and Caponata Puree

I thought my threshold for offal stayed at the tongue since tripe was a different animal on its own. Tripe was visually unattractive on its own, not to mention the stench if not cleaned properly. So then, deep fried tripe strips made to look like bar food with a delicious looking dip. I'm glad to report I was won over at spongy, crunchy and its crispy edges. Not to mention the intense flavours of that dip. Mamma mia, here we go with this newfound obsession of tripe.


These knives are made for clean cuts.


Blackmore 9+ Wagyu

That marbling was good enough to send me straight to gastro-heaven. Gives great meaning to melt in the mouth and that pickled finish from the condiments gave perfect contrast to the flavour. 


Peanut Butter Tim Tams
Bergamot Gel, Peanut Butter Ganache, Milk Chocolate Icecream 


Highly recommended by a friend, I was thrilled this was part of the set! The chef's interpretation of timtams with homemade chocolate sandwich biscuits filled with caramel paired with icecream. If anything, this was spot on with the flavours and with my eyes closed I probably would pick this anyday over storebought ones.

The sizing was good enough for one yet with this many courses, we were actually really stuffed towards the end. Arrival of dishes would be great if they were in sequence but this probably does not hurt the experience too much.


And before the bill arrives, this little wooden box unveils two scrummylicious bacon cookies topped with salted caramel. Ingenious touch to an already top 10 stunning meal. 

Loved everything about Salted and Hung that opened up a whole universe of delicious underrated animal parts to me  and there are still other courses I am dying to try - which does warrant another visit right?



Salted and Hung
12 Purvis Street

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