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Bincho @ Moh Guan Terrace

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It seems to me that hole in wall eateries all have one trait in common - the almost hidden entrance from the back that leads one into another world of its own.






A fishball noodle stall by day that converts into a underground gastrobar of some sort by night, this charming transformation lures crowds from all over. Am I the last to be in the know?



Counter seats I nabbed before the affable Chef Asai and our orders were taken swiftly.


Each set comes with an appetizer, chicken skin salad, chicken drumlets, soup, pickles and dessert.


The appetizer of meatballs, pumpkin and snow pea tasted straight out of an oden pot.

Chicken skin salad lauded a Bincho must try is not for the diet watchers nor faint hearted. Chicken skin fried till crisp, I may very well give up chips and keropok just for this. The pairing of something so sinful like fried chicken skin with salad is crazy delicious, even the lettuce tasted extra crisp.


These chicken drumlets could pass off as korean fried chicken, and better. I loved the sweet and sticky marinade!


Bara Chirashi Kaisen Don ($40)

The raw fish in my bowl of chirashi was reasonably fresh but anything else apart from yakitori is not quite Bincho's forte. Above average at best and freshly grated wasabi was the main highlight.


Wagyu Omu Curry Rice ($45)

First up, I have had too many curry rice and udons made from premixes and I had my reservations. Plus, with a price tag like that I definitely had my hopes set high.


Homecooked aromatic japanese curry that was so good, I could eat it on its own. Wagyu beef cubes were braised till fork tender and scrambled egg on top rice made for a super hearty and wholesome meal.


Wash the grease all down with more grease, chicken fat soup that rivaled pork bone soup.


Do their sets already scream value for money? We had a choice of melt in the mouth jelly mochi or yuzu sorbet.


Chicken Cock ($4)

Many roosters were sacrificed for this worthy dish though graphically, it was daunting. Texturally soft yet it definitely looks alot harder than it tastes.


Gizzard ($5)

Smoky crunchy goodness which tasted even better with a drizzle of curry powder of salt!


Kagua Rouge ($18)

Japanese beer and yakitori makes for a happy meal indeed. On top of craft beers, their selection of sakes is extensive too. I can look forward to a bar food and drinks outing soon at Bincho.


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