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Seafood Paradise @ Marina Bay Sands

~Invited Session~


Seafood Paradise, the very first concept by Paradise Group, has re-located from Defu Lane to Marina Bay Sands from September. With a swankier location, one can expect dining with more finesse! 



Poached Canadian Live Clam with Chinese Wine in Claypot - $38 (small), $57 (medium), $75 (large)


Get drunk on these juicy clams that have been poached in shaoxing wine. I love my clams with the same vengeance as wine  - throw in both and be promised of a mind swirling experience, so satisfyingly good and wholesome. Comfort food at its best.  


Pan-fried Australian Live Abalone - $28 per pc (approx. 60g), $38 per piece (approx. 120g)

The thought of having a whole abalone on my plate sure brought me smiles and a squeeze of lemon made all the difference in the taste, giving it an added punch. 


Braised Wildlife Fish with Supreme Soya Sauce in Claypot – starts from $8 per 100g, depending on type of fish chosen

Not the most photogenic braised fish around but the taste more than made up for its looks - a clear case of not judging a book by its cover. Fresh succulent fish meat with just supreme soya sauce, I am not fish lover and this made me clamour for more.


Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce - $14.80 (small), $21.80 (medium), $28.80 (large)

Who would have expected fried kang kong to taste like chips, excellently done and those curls of tender cuttlefish. Hate your greens but be prepared to love this.


Baked Pork Belly Ribs with Honey Pepper Sauce – $5.80 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces

This oriental take on sticky ribs would give Naughty Nuri's a run for their money. The mildly spicy and sweet marinate made for a strangely addictive dry rub.


Singapore Chilli Style Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price
Deep-fried Buns - $3 for 4 pcs


Signature Creamy Butter Dungeness Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs – seasonal price

Crabs are Seafood Paradise's specialty and the two featured that night showcased different flavours and types of crabs. 

 The former is Seafood Paradise’s rendition of the iconic Singapore Chilli Crab. Sri Lankan mud crabs are generally fleshy and are a popular choice for crab dishes locally. The sweet and spicy chilli crab gravy went perfectly with their fried mantous (halved and deep fried as opposed to deepfrying full).
The latter is a long-time favourite at Seafood Paradise. Dungeness crabs are known for their firm, sweet and slightly savoury flesh that complements the sauce made fresh daily using aromatics such as curry leaves, white pepper, lemongrass, and chilli padi. 
Both are delicious selections and the local in me picked chilli for favourite.  


Wok-fried Bee Hoon with Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price


The crabby business continued with wok fried bee hoon. I loved the wok hei and good control of oil, at least it barely tasted greasy to me.


Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade and Sour Plum Juice - $6.50

Who'd have thought that this simple refreshing dessert would leave us wishing for seconds. Not just any lemongrasss jelly, the punch from sour plum juice definitely made the meal alot lighter!  

Seafood Paradise
Level 2 of The Shoppes 

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