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Loof Revisited @ Odeon Towers

~Invited Session~


Loof ushers in a new decade with a spanking menu collaboration with Chef Bjorn Shen of Artichoke and Bird Bird. Where did 10 years go? I remember Loof being a to-go place because it was one of those few happening roof top bars.


The new menu - both food and beverage welcomes a more asian focus, seeking inspirations from the familiar - well, being an 80's kid, Loof resonated and still resonates with me.


California Crackers ($14) 
'California Maki' mayo, avocado, ebiko, nori, crispy wanton crackers

Crispy wanton crackers made this dish tick, loved the california maki mayo and japanese seasoning used.


Chilli Crab Fries ($15)
Loof's signature chilli sauce, blue crab dip, waffle-cut fries

Sold on blue crab dip, which made ketchup and chilli sauce look bad. Creamy dip with crab chunks, I could just inhale this all night long and not get sick of it even.


Umami Fries ($13)
Furikake, kewpie, sweet potato fries

I am glad they did not hop onto the passe wagon of truffle fries or salted egg sauce fries. These umami ones were fingerlicking yummy - truth be told, furikake makes anything taste good, fries included.


Bacon Lollipop ($16)
Pancetta nuggets glazed with maple syrup, groundnuts, pho herbs

Pork belly satay in layman's terms brushed with a sticky sweet sauce and boy it was mighty satisfying with bursts of fats and those intense sweet and savoury flavours all at once. This satay legitimized the fats and calories.


Twisties Charred Corn ($13)
Curry mayo, shaved cheese

Bali has chilli corn, Loof has twisties corn. Corny jokes aside, this made eating off a cob so much easier with corn shaved off the cob with bite sized portions. Spot on with the cheese and curry mayo combination, this tasted just like chilli corn except more hygienic with some hip factor.


B.C.M. Grilled Cheese ($18)
Sour dough cheese toastie, bak chor mee pork mince

Taking on my favourite local dish with much aplomb, this is bak chor mee in a sandwich and very rightfully so with the spot on pork mince, mushrooms and finished off with cheese on toast. I would have missed some chilli padi with this but for a bar food version, this scored top marks.


Kaya Lumpur ($19)
Pinepple rum, kaya, citrus, soda, house bitters, fresh thai basil


Singapore Sour ($19)
Vodka, sour plum extract, calamansi, soda


Plus, entertainment is on hand - like the Bishi Bashi machine and Loofster, the rooster mascot of Loof! How not to love this place you tell me?

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