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Le Binchotan @ Amoy Street

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~Invited Session~


Le Binchotan joins a slew of restaurants whose entrance is at the back alley of a road and entering it is akin to  stepping into a completely different  experience altogether.


Designed with an underground bar in mind, the bar is a beauty of its own with the amount of woodwork and clever usage of mirrors.


For diners, there are corners like these except tables are actually pretty close to each other.


Amuse bouche for the night was a foam emulsion.


Chicken Liver ($15)
Bonito, Ponzu Dressing, Shallot, Chives

A light salad topped with chicken liver, I adored the velvety chunks that tried to make liver less sinful with the greens.


Madai ($25)
Smoked Sea Bream, Eggplant, Radish, Sherry Vinegrette

A modern take on sashimi with vinegared touches.


Amela Tomatoes ($19)
Raspberry Meringue, Pickled Hijki, Cherry Tomatoes, Lime

The raspberry meringue was the highlight of this refreshing bowl of tomatoes.


Foie Gras ($21) 
Shaven Foie Gras, Daikon, Dashi Gelée, Shitake

Shaven foie gras made to look like wood chips that ended up high on novelty than taste. I found the chips too melt in the mouth in the otherwise very japanese creation.

Their skewers are a selfish category on its own, and prices stated are for single portions. 


Wagyu striploin ($15)


Shishito ($9)


Gizzard ($9)
Pommery Mustard, Tare


Tenkasu ($15)
Deep-fried Enoki, Mushroom Ragout, Pickled Daikon

These enoki tempura are best eaten hot and better still with a bowl of steaming hot rice.


Capellini ($19)
Sakura Ebi, Shio Kombu, Chives

Angel hair pasta has stood the test of time and remains one of the classic dishes that I veer towards everytime it is sighted on the menu. Portions are good for sharing and lovely flavours - sakura ebi and shio kombu always works.


Iberico Pork Jowl ($35)
Katsu Curry, Green Apple, "Charcoal" Pumpkin

Pork Jowl pan fried gave a crispy exterior and chewy meat shreds, the charcoal pumpkin and green apple puree gave this a creative twist and texture.


Angus Short Rib ($39)
Leek, Nagaimo, Korusu Jus

Man food made for sharing, the short rib and fat ratio was pretty even throughout the chunk. Perfectly braised infact.


Emperor Snapper "En Papillote" ($33)
Sudachi Fumet, Tofu, Cherry Tomato

It is a pity this item will soon be removed from their menu and I regard this as a pre-hangover delight, hearty and very comforting with that dash of sake in the broth and those well simmered fish chunks. Ah, tasty.


Coconut ($15)
Cremeux, Matcha, Raspberry Bits

A cross between panna cotta and creme brulee, this milk pudding number topped with bittersweet matcha powder and tangy raspberry bits proved to be a lovely sweet end to the meal.


Smoked Chocolate ($15)
Frozen Blueberry, Yogurt

I am not so sure about this smoked chocolate though, dense and almost like flourless chocolate cake. A slight mismatch with the frozen blueberries and yogurt that could be passed off as a separate dessert on its own.


They have a range of cocktails up the bartenders sleeve for a happy night out. I'd say ask for drink recommendations for some good pairings with their dishes.

Le Binchotan
115 Amoy Street #01-04 (Entrance via Gemmill Lane)

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