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Chatuchak 2016: The elusive coconut icecream and more

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I'm not sure when I started patronizing Chatuchak Market and each time I visit Bangkok I make it a point to pay this tourist attraction a visit. Increasingly so, the wares have gotten so expensive I stopped buying altogether but there is just one thing that keeps me going back time and again - the elusive coconut icecream. Why elusive? Because there are simply too many copycats around and the heat makes me do silly things like other the copycats only to regret later.

Co-co Thai By Lidya


With claims that the recipe dates back to 1840, most would flock over to this 45 THB crowd puller. For one, did Chatuchak Weekend Market even exist back then?


Anyway, there were two coconut icecream stalls next to each other and I somehow made my order at this stall first.


No choice of toppings and my order gets made almost immediately.


Sticky green rice, red bean, roasted nuts and coconut meat atop my coconut icecream. Turns out it was vanilla icecream.

Face palm, dead pan and I was immediately bummed.

Whoever Lidya is and that 1840 claim? Seems like a hoax. 

Coco JJ


Now this claims 2008, which makes it more plausible and the crowds were thronging.


Price chart and I get to pick my toppings.


It is amazing how those hands never stopped scooping throughout.


Dining straight off a plastic cup just because it is cheaper and less photogenic at 45 THB. Plus, it comes with a free cup of coconut juice.


Lo and behold, this IS the real good stuff - a thirst quenching coconut sorbet that is so refreshing too! I hope I'll remember this stall for my future visits and stop wasting money on the imposters.


Then it turns out there are several other vendors selling and laying claim on THE coconut icecream at lower prices too.


Another one, declaring price war!

The thing is, because Chatuchak Market's so huge there is no way getting lost is even an option because I still get lost. I figure that is how weeding a needle in a haystack came about quite literally. And my point is, miss the coconut icecream stall and probably not get to eat any if one insists on just JJ's - they are littered around the market so then just keep your eyes peeled.

On top of these hot weather savers, there are a bunch of treats that offer some respite to visitors.

If icecream is not your cup of dessert, you can consider the other options available - the catch is, if you can spot them! Pun intended.


This coffee joint was actually a cooling respite in the sweltering weather though hot coffee is on their menu!


Iced long black for the weary traveller. Unfortunately the space is limited and resting one's tired legs are subject to availability of seats.


Mango juice?


These popsicles are a blast from the past for many - methinks this appeared in the 70's locally too in the form of ice balls.


Frozen soft drinks in an array of colours, I would go trigger happy as a kid for these!


Frozen bananas anyone?


Grape juice and possibly the only cart selling this apart from the usual orange and pomegrante juice carts.

What is your must try at Chatuchak Market?

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